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Added: Sunday, November 22nd 2020 at 9:14am by ellie1142545

You'll have to copy/paste


The URL for reading:  https://conservativetoday.org/genius-patriot-edward-solomon-discovered-the-exact-dominion-algorithm-that-transferred-millions-of-votes-video/

The URL for the video:  https://rumble.com/vbas2t-smoking-gun-dominion-transferring-vote-ratios-between-precincts-in-pa.-by-e.html

Fraud is proven!!

User Comments

hmmm, neither link works for me.

Did you copy paste?  Because they do work.

They will work without the https in it. Bro. Doc

I just tried it your way, and nope, they just lead me back to blogster, with the oh snap sign.

that is strange because I did it without the https and got right there. Bro. Doc

Yep, that is. 

but if you add the https: when you copy and paste you don't go there. Bro. Doc

...busy,  I'll be bach...:D

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