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Oh! Oh!

Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 9:17am by ellie1142545

Boy are we in for it now.

First snow.  We will be getting up to 4 inches, or more.  Starting this afternoon, lasting through tomorrow, into tomorrow night.  Gary says he'll be blowing snow twice tomorrow, because that snow is supposed to be wet, and snow blowers do not work well in slushy snow.

That's not so bad.  It's what follows right behind it.  Rain.  Over 10 inches!  Now you all may be wondering, why use a snow blower, if rain is coming right behind it.  Because it's the law.  In our Town it's our responsibility to make sure the sidewalks are clear from hazard.  There are three houses on our side of the street.  Our house stands right in the middle of our block.  Gary will do the whole sidewalk, then the driveways of the other two houses, along with ours.  Then he'll go across the street, and do the driveways directly cross from us, and the empty house, which is up for sale, since both the owners have passed on, and the children have their own homes.

Then along comes the rain.  Another ten plus inches of moisture.  And that does not bode well.  It's been about ten years, since DeWitt had their last flood, so they're due for another one about now.  Not only that, The Western part of our town will flood.  That will include the North-Western, and South-Western part of town.  It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since the last flood.  And this will be the third such flood that I've lived through. 

We live in the Eastern part of town (South-Eastern).  So far the flood has not reached this part of town, because it's on an incline, gradually goes up hill.  Although the big flood does not hit us, we do have a minor flood in our area.  On nineteenth street and court street.  The grocery store parking lot, and the car dealership lot across the street from it will flood, along with the intersection of nineteenth and court.

Gary and I are preparing for the worst, just in case.  Weathermen/women, have been wrong before, and they could very well be wrong this time.  I shall let you know.

Now a good bit of news:

Friskie has been set free from that E-Collar, also known as the Shame Collar.  After 3 month's, it has been taken off, and he's doing very well.  He's a licky little fellow, he's always got to be licking on something, lol!  The good thing is, is that he's not chewing.  When he start licking, we do something to distract him from it, and all is well.

Well that's it for the news from our end, hope all is well on your end!

User Comments

We got 3 feet of snow over two or three days and then it turned to rain and rain and rain. It was a real mess here. Just as they started to get a handle on the roads ans streets it snowed again - another 6 inches of wet and heavy on top of all that slush. Then ... the mercury dropped and it all froze. It s an icy hell out there. LOL. 

It has taken the city a week to get streets cleared and now, today, it is about 40 degrees and everything is melting again. Next up? By Tuesday we are supposed to have deep cold again. More ice. LOL

At least we are not in Europe. Those poor people. Holy moly.

I wonder when the 'GoreBull Warning' folks are going to apologize for their mistakes{#exlamation.gif} {#side.gif} {#side.gif} {#side.gif} {#exlamation.gif}

Stay warm and safe, Ellie. Weather men here predicts 1-2 inches but sleet & ice underneath is what keeps me in my home.

Good luck in that weather.  It has been a mild winter here in Ireland .... so far :-)

Try to stay warm, then dry, then whatever comes after that!

It's hard to keep up sometimes!  lol

Mild Winter here, more like Spring. Stay safe and warm over there!!

What happens Sis. Ellie, if you are old and can't do the walks and can't afford to pay anyone? Bro. Doc

When Gary feels he can no longer keep up, the house will be sold, and we'll move in to an apartment.

I would never again live in a apartment. Did that once and you have racket from all sides. I would go to senior living first. Bro. Doc

Lol!  Here, Senior living is an apt. for retired people, here, unless they require medical assistance, then it's a rest home.  The apts are sound proof, walls are concrete.  Floors are also concrete, with plush carpeting.  We have 3 such places here in Beatrice.  One is just soth of us, off Scott Street.  The other is in the middle of our town, and the 3rd one is in the North part of our town.  Our community is basically made of Senior Citizens.

My Mother lives in one, which is nice. But most are not that big for what you have to pay per month. I looked at 6 in the area, and this one was the nicest. But staying in your home is much better. Bro. Doc

Here Karl like cleaning the neighbors snow, she makes us some very yummy goodies.

Keep dry and warm ellie. also enjoy your week-end.

YAY for Friskie!  That's so sweet of your husband to do all the neighbor's snow  blowing for them!  I hope they appreciate it!

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