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Added: Sunday, September 26th 2021 at 7:53am by ellie1142545


Is this goodbye?  Well, some people would think so, others would think not.  In a way, though, it is.

At least, my blogging days here on Blogster, is over.  As of this writing, I will  no longer be posting on here.  My site will remain open,  and I will be dropping in from time to time, to read postings and catch up with friends I have on here, but no where else.

A few of my friends on here, I have no where else, and those are the few friends, that this site will remain open.

A good number of my friends on here, I also have on Face Book, or My Boomber Space.

I did not come to this decison, without the help of my very Best friend, who guides my every single step, He led me to this decision last  night, and a little prayer was sent to Him, asking if He really wanted me to do this, to let me know, and He really wants me to do this.  So.......

I'll say so long now, and you'll see me whenever!!

If you're on Face Book, and want me as a friend, go to my site (EloiseGary Dunn), and leave a friend request.

If you're on My Boomer Space, and you want to be a friend, go to ellie1142545, and leave a friend request.

God Bless each and everyone here.

User Comments


:) I understand. Too many social sites and trying to keep up is difficult.

Gab.com is a good alternative.

Be Well and God Bless you and yours, Ellie

Bye-Bye for now...

Sis. Ellie, your still on Xapit are you not? That is an easier place to move around it. But I will also look for you on MyBoomer. Bro. Doc

I am so very very sorry my friend, I valued what you had to say, BUT having said that I can understand where you are coming from, all of the total and utter BS that is being posted regarding the Covid Vax, is offensive to say the least.

People I thought had something other than saw-dust between there ears, have proven me wrong, they are morons, and that is being nice about them.

{#giveflowers.gif} {#giveflowers.gif} {#giveflowers.gif} Luv Sandra Lin and Mindy.

I dont know why you came to this decision but you need to do what is good for you. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

Thanks all who responded.  I'm still here, reading posts and commenting, I'm just no longer posting blogs on here.  Love to sallk my friends here!!

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