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In & Out Now

Added: Friday, January 18th 2019 at 10:34am by ellie1142545

I'm signing out now.

We have drizzle, freezing drizzle.  It will turn to snow later this afternoon, covering a nice sheet of ice.

I am so thankful, that the Lord is with me each and every step I take.  I will be house bound this weekend.  No way will I be able to go out, with all that hidden ice.  I have zero balance, when ever I go out, and you can be sure, I'll be meeting the ground, which will be a disaster for me, at my age.

I look to the Lord for all my needs, and I'm going to share some songs wirh you today:

The Light House:


Til The Storm Passes By:




And for you all, who are weary, here's a tune, that will lift you up, once you are finished in your......

Learning To Lean:



Along with an Angel to keep watch.

Related image

God Bless Your Weekend!



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Stay off that ice, sis. We don't want you laid up injured. We would miss too many blessings!

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