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Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 10:25am by ellie1142545



Good Afternoon. Arm is still a little painful, from the shot, but otherwise I'm doing okay. Went to the Dr. to get the shot (requested an appointment last week). Made it in, and they ran out of the Senior shots yesterday! So, they called down to Dienes Pharmacy, let them know we we coming in for the Senior Shots. Got to Dines, they took my in formation, but they also had to turn the papers in to Medicare, and I had to wait, until they were okayed, about 20 minutes. Gary had to pay for his, since he's VA. Talk about surprise on cost! If we had gone to our regular Pharmacy (Walmart), it would have cost Gary $75.00. The charge at Dienes? $30.00, $45.00 cheaper. Catch you all again later!


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What are senior shots....Flu shots?

I'm really hoping senior shots means fountain of youth shots, so you may look over 60, but they give you the body and health of a 20 year old. {#basic-laugh.gif}


Nope, flu shots for Seniors, meaning that they are extra strong.  Otherwise we'd have to get another flu shot before the end of winter.

Well you dashed my hopes.....LOL

Last year I got a free flu shot at CVS, but I see by my calendar I have a doctor appointment in a couple of weeks so will get my flu shot there and my normal visit my doctor co-payment is $25.00.

Gary could have gone too the VA Clinic and got the shot for free. Would have saved the money. I never take a flu shot, as the last time I had one I was sick for 3 days. Bro. Doc

2 years ago, Gary called up the VA., set up an appointment to get a flu shot, drove over an hour, to get to the Clinic in Lincoln, and was told that they weren't giving out flu shots yet.  Then told him he would have to reschedule in January, right smack dab in the middle of flu season!  He ended up getting the flu shot at our pharmacy (Walmart).  He also had to pay $75.00.  Same  thing last year, $75.00 at Walmart Pharmacy, this year at Dienes, at only $30.00.  He'll continue getting his flu shots a Dienes.  It's far cheaper to get them there, and he doesn't need the headache of driving to the VA just to be told they're not giving out the flu shots yet.  Gary and I have not suffered any illnesses since we started getting the flu shot, not even a cold.

I wonder why they made the appointment if they were not giving it? Bro. Doc

I don't know.  And even my Dr. is guilty of this action.  They told me last week to come in yesterday, and when we get there, they've run out of the Senior Shots.  Thankfully Dienes had plenty.  They had run out last week, but the new batch arrived Tuesday.  Whew!  Just glad I'm good to go for another year.

I can see running out, but not having it and they made the appointment? That is not right. Glad I do not take it. Bro. Doc

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