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Going To In And Out Now

Added: Friday, October 30th 2020 at 9:36am by ellie1142545


I thought I was finished with the windows 10 update, but no.  Had to update some more this morning.  It only took a couple of minutes though.  I googled on windows 10 and discovered the new windows 10 is 2009, with the code name 20H2.  Oh, and they'll be doing another upgrade to another windows 10 in 6 months.


Wednesday, I went in to Nebraska Hearing.  My new hearing aid was in.  A top of the line hearing aid from From Starky.  As I sit here typing, I can hear noices from outside, which I never could before.  If I'd boughten it from my Ear Specialist, I would have paid $5,000 plus.  I went to Nebraska Hearing, through Sertoma.  Sertoma paid for it, that is all but $180, which I paid.


They will have me going in occasionally for cleaning, and replacing the tube to the ear piece, which hardens over time, and that could cause problems in hearing, which I don't need, after all, I'm already stuck with a profound hearing loss.


And finally, I heard from Donovan.  He just got the results back from his second Coronavirus testing.  It's Negative.  So he's released to go back to work.  He works for McDonald's and even though he was off work due to the virus, they still paid him.  He's happy to be going back to work, being couped up was no fun.


I'm going now.


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God Bless!

User Comments

I was looking in a cabinet Wednesday and I found my mother's hearing aid. What a $1200.00 waste that purchase was (just for one ear).

She never could hear right from it and it was one that you had to go in and they adjust it using a computer. Well adjusting the sound in a little quiet room and then trying to hear in the big wide open space world is two different things.

Can't tell you how many times I had to take off work to take her in to do that. What happen to the over the ear type you could just raise and lower the volumn yourself. That seemed so much easier for people who don't mind having that type hearing aid.

Hope yours works well for you.

I don't know, how long it's been, but those type of over the ear hearing aide has been out of style for ages.

So far this one is doing great.  My Miracle Ear hearing (my last one) always had to be adjusted by computer. and that one was, like I said, over 20 years old.

You would think with current technology, a person could use their own computer to adjust the volumn. Now that would be a plus.

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