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BrotherDocs cutiycarton

Going In And Out Now

Added: Thursday, August 13th 2020 at 3:54pm by ellie1142545


Hugging Kitties - Good Night Pictures, Photos, and Images for ...


Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, of gathering information for my brother obituary.  All the information will be gathered from other family member's as well as from me.  Oldest Daughter will be writing it out, and sending it to the Lewiston Tribune.  And there's a lot of information to gather, whew!!

See ya all at my regular time on Monday!

God Bless Your Weekend!!

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Take Care, and make sure when they do it (funeral, or memorial), they put it on a smart phone so you can have a copy of it. Bro. Doc

All the best Ellie, and see you next week-end.

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