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Changed My Settings Back To What It Used To Be/And Other Things

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 9:28am by ellie1142545

My site is set back to Must be signed in to Blogster to leave comment.  Setting my site to only friends can comment didn't work either, on keeping anonymous from commenting.

Everyone will be able to comment again.  If I don't like their comments, I can just delete.  It'll be a given, if they attack someone on my post, their remarks sure will be deleted.


Other Things:

Less then 24 hours from now,  I'll be another year older.  Have you ever wondered what that 1142545 after my name was for?  Well the 11, for the month, Gary and I were born.  The 4, his birthday, and of course 25, my birthday, and 45 was the year we were born. I use these numbers in my private e-mail too.

I sure do hate the thought of Biden taking over, but it seems that he will be next President.  Time is running out, and though the Lawyers say they have the proof, it hasn't been accepted by the legal Courts of the States where cases have been filed.  Cases are being dismissed, before they are even heard.  The Justice of the Supreme Court have ordered that the cases be filed there, but will they be filed in time?  Who knows, I sure don't.

That snow fall we were supposed to get, turned to rain.  We'll be having rain through Monday, and then some sunshine.  Our cold weather has set in for the winter.  Temps. in the 40's mainly, but a mixture of 30's are predicted too.

Going now!

User Comments

I am wondering why your "Signed into Blogster" doesn't work. Mine has always been that way since about the second day I been here. And that is long ago. 

Anyway a early happy B-day. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

If you're on a regular computer, and the site says you must be signed in to leave comment, you'll have to sign in.  But on a cell phone, it doesn't hold, you can leave a comment as anonymous.  Even if the site is set at friends only, if anonymous is using a cell phone, comments can be left.  I've always had it set as must be signed in to blogster, until about 3 weeks ago, and tried it as friends only, but still got an anonymous comment.

That is ok, because some of the anonymous comments are fine. But I understand what you mean. I think the phones that are not smart phones you have to be signed into Blogster to get on someone's site. They don't have the tech. that a smart phone does. Hope it works for you. Now the new place you are on even though your a friend, and they have it set too private you can't see it. I think that works here too. Bro. Doc

different strokes for different folks here their systme is simply failing..... but you can always delete the comments from others and I have at times rather than have their bullybashing negativity on my page..

Our weather has been ok, but it did seem colder last night. Some areas got a little rain yesterday and some a little fog. 

Happy Birthday Ellie ... I am so over this political stuff. I am upset for the future though. BUT what the kids are being taught, should be the parents job to make these changes. We should of seen it coming with the removal of the Lords Prayer, then the Pledge, and the changes are still coming in. 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Ellie.  I'm so bummed out over politics. I'm taking the whole day away from them.  My brain is mincemeat, sheesh!

Send me some cold weather. We're still in the upper 70s here!

Happy Birthday

Thanks for the B-day wishes!!

{#add_best_wishes.gif} {#cake.gif} Happy Birthday and may you have many many more. {#giveflowers.gif} {#giveflowers2.gif}

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