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But Before I Go

Added: Thursday, October 1st 2020 at 12:54pm by ellie1142545

Wanted to let you all know, the 4th time is the charm!  I can see clearly out of my glasses now, no double vision at all, not even a shadow out of place, yippie!


We got our mail in ballot yesterday, and got our voting done.  Gary dropped them in the ballot box at the Court House this morning.  They made a change where the ballot box is concerned.  They took the old ballot box down, that was in the parking lot across the street from the Court House, and put it up across the street, right outside of the Court House, and someone decided to decorate it by painting the American Flag on it.  Though they never had problems with the old one across from the Court House, it was not in camera view, to prevent vandalizing.  It sure is now.  Anyone trying to vandalize it will be caught by camera.  I like that.


Hubby say's Walmart has really changed, and I probably won't like it.  I'll probably like if, if it's made their aisles bigger, and if it's easier to get around, but if not, then I won't like it.  The verdict is still out, and won't have the vertict until Monday, lol!


Have a beautiful weekend!!

User Comments

Very happy to see they finaly got your glasses right. 4th time is the charm?

yes, they better keep these ballot boxes under close scrutiny....

That' 2 out of 3...hope Walmart is better for you than Hubby sez....lol

Yep, 4 times.  Once in July.  Once in August, and two in September.  They cost me a total of $498 dollars, but after the corrections out of their pocket, I'm not complaining, because they paid more out of pocket, then what I paid in, I'm sure.

I am glad you see clearly now Sis. Ellie. I am surprised you got your ballots so early to vote. Here we get ours about middle of the month. We were the first State to go mail in voting in  1998's. . So for 22 years we have been voting by mail. Bro. Doc

They, here, want the mail in ballots to reach them by October 23.  If the 23rd falls on the weekend, then they want them by the Friday, before the 23rd.  We've been doing mail in voting now for the past 8 years, since it's hard for me to stand very long.  We also have the choice to mail them, drop them in the ballot box, or take them direrctly to the Clerk of the District Court's Office.  We drop them in the ballot box, where they collect the ballots every day, when voting's in session.They start counting the votes here, On the 24th, unless it falls in the weekend, if does, they'll start the counting on the first Monday after the 24th.  A sure win for all the mail in ballots being counted on election day.

One problem I can see with it that way is they have them so long they could lose some. Here it is 2 weeks before the General Election whether state or National we get our ballots.. Here we have only two ways a white drop box or the Post Office. I use the drop box. the Post Office could lose them. Bro. Doc

I like Walmart better now that they got rid of the long way in and the one way streets in the store. That was a pain and I don't think it did a thing to enforce social distancing. People just had to stand in long lines and do a lot of walking. Things are easier now. 

Great news about your eyes.

Have a great weekend.

I hope Walmart works out OK for you...lol

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