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Added: Monday, December 2nd 2019 at 12:41pm by ellie1142545


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Well, the news is in.  The blockage, in the left Carotid Artery, will be removed.  It could be done this month, or maybe next.  As soon as the appointment is set up, they will call me with all the information.


The surgery will be done in the early morning, unless they have a long list for that day, then it would be done later.  They mentioned the things that could happen during the surgery, or shortly after.  I could have a mild stroke, I could hemorrhage (after all it's an artery), I could get an infection (which is very rare).  They're just gong to make a small incision, clear the blockage, and put a small patch in it (mesh) to keep the artery from clogging again.  No stint will be put in.  There will be an overnight stay at the hospital, and if nothing happens, I'll be released from the hospital the following morning.  And, I was told again that I could lose my voice.  For a few weeks after the surgery, I'll have a problem with swallowing,  because the vocal cords will have to be moved since they are right in from of the artery.  All in all, I'm not abit worried about it.  The Lord is in control.


I do like this Dr. H. Hanson.  She did not beat around the bush like Dr. Sohn did, and she spoke clearly.  Dr. Sohn, on the other hand, talked to fast, and wasn't speaking clearly at all.  Then too, she's Oriental, and they do have the tendency to talk fast, and slur their words.


There is one other thing, that Dr. Hanson told me this morning.  I have an aneurysm, on the left side of my brain.  A .3 in size, and Dr. Hanson will be setting me up with a Neurologist.  Nothing to worry about right now, and is considered minor at this point in time.  I've already placed this right where it belongs, in the Lord's Hands.  He will take care of it for me. 


God Bless!

User Comments

Amen!!! An operation during the cold season means less chance of infection. The Lord guide all the hospital personnel and heal you quickly!

"By His stripes we were healed." Not "will be" but WERE! We will pray that your healing will arrive as promised!

Praying for each other's healing is a blessing God has given us!

Adding in my prayers also.

so good to find these things out before the show them selves with emergencies.. Blessing for all to be with ease and a fast recovery...

I have a feeling you'll do just fine. You are in good hands turning it over to the Lord. I will keep you in my prayers. 

Now, you need to be annointed with oil, and have hands laid on you and be prayed for and you will be healed. Doesn't seem that bad at all. Sis. Ellie. Bro. Doc

Prayers for you Ellie. You couldnt be in any better hands than trusting in the Good Lord.

It seems I have missed so very important news ellie, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and yes I will pray for you my dear friend.

Well it is good news that they can unblock the artery. I know that my husband has an anuerysm too. They have been 'watching' it for about 3 yrs now. We have talked with more than one Neurologist and they have said many folks are walking around with them in their brains and a lot of the time nothing happens.

My husband's has grown and surgeons had a meeting and decided just to watch and study it because it is in such a place that it can't be surgically corrected.

Anyway that is off track. I sure hope it all goes well. I'm glad you have a doctor that speaks plainly and clearly!

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