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Bad News/Good News

Added: Friday, May 22nd 2020 at 11:56am by ellie1142545

And no, nothing about me.


Bad News:  Republicans were going to vote against Illegal Immigrants, receiving $1200 from the Hero's Act Stimulus, that Democrats want to put out.  Democrats blocked the Republican party from making the necessary votes to block.


Good News:  Someone is going to unseat Nancy Pelosi on next election.  Her name is DeAnna Lorraine, Republican.  From my view, I say that Nancy Pelosi has proven she's no longer capable of being a Senator in Congress.  Let's pray for DeAnna, that she wins over Pelosi, big time!  We need to get her and her side kicks out of office now!!


Going off now!


God Bless!

User Comments

I've said for a long time  now that we need to get all the old farts out of congress no matter who they are. Being in Congress should not be a life long job.

I agree.  They should be allowed to run for only 2 terms, just like most every one else i8n D.C.


I wonder what "so-called" Republicans they go to side with them? Bro. Doc

Those like Mitt Romney.  He got in under the Republican badge, but has been  showing he's really Democrat.  There are a few like him, but only a few.

That is true Sis. Ellie. Bro. Doc

From what I've seen and heard so far, Repubs will lose the Senate, the presidency and lose seats in the House.

I don't hold out any hope for our country.

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