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Another Tragic Loss

Added: Sunday, August 9th 2020 at 8:52am by ellie1142545

My little Brother,

Michael L.E. Court, Sr. Was not heard from for several days. My sister called him. I guess he was busy, and told her that he would call her back. He never did. After a few days of calling constantly, and getting no response, she asked the Clarkston (WA.) police department to check on him.

They found his body, along with his dog. Length of time, and cause of death is unknown at this time.

Mike, you weren't supposed to die now! You were still young! Okay 73, but still younger then Donna and I.

You had a kindred spirit, and though we often fought as teens, of 13 and 14, we were close from then on.

The Viet Nam War, took it's toll on you. You came back a bitter and changed man, but you overcame that bitterness. and turned out pretty good, gaining back that kindred spirit.

I've missed seeing you over the years, but now I'm really going to miss you.

I've a feeling, that when the Lord calls me home, you'll be the first one there to meet me. Rest in peace now, Soldier. A new angel is now on duty keeping watch over his loved ones left behind. Love you little brother.


Will be off for a little while longer........


User Comments

I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers for you

Accept my sympathy.

l am really so sorry to read this Ellie.  Praying for you and family circle.

So sorry it is so hard to loose the physical connection but you will always both share a space in eachothers hearts.

That's so sad, sorry for the loss to your family.

Rev 21:4 And the Eternal shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there  be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.

Sis. Ellie, I am sorry to read of the passing of your brother. But one day if he was His child, you will see him again. So we can look forward to a day in the future when we will see our loved ones again. Remember the meories of the good times you had with your Brother. Through the tears and ache of the heart Sis. Ellie, we know that the Messiah will comfort you and be with you through this time of sorrow. Bro. Doc

Brother Doc, before he went to Viet Nam, he accepted Jesus as his Savior,  and was Baptized.  He was Episcopalian.

He went to war, a kindred spirit.  Came back home a very bitter man.  He was among those Soldiers, that got off the plane, unto U.S. Soil, who were called filthy names, and spit at.  By he time he got home, he was so bitter, it changed him completely. It took time, but he overcame that bitterness, and his kindred spirit was back.

I believe that I will see him again, and he'll be the first to greet me, when the Lord calls me home.

Sis Ellie, When I came back to the States in Dec 1974, from Nam, I also was called names and spat upon at the Airport in Eugene. I suppose of a Major had not been with me at the time I would have decked the hippy. But, what made the difference was in 1973 I was bapitzed in the Spirit and of 1Co 11.  Your brother was the American version of the Church of England or Anglican. Lots of people that came back from Nam, came back with a bitter spirit. But I didn't because the Messiah had me where He wanted me. I suppose there probably will not be a funeral since the COVID-19 virus. But maybe later there will be a memorial. I guess your sister lives in the same city as your brother. I guess the way you mentioned the dog, I guess the dog died too? I hope and pray they will know soon what caused his death and for how long he was dceased. Take care and now you will remember all the memories of him. Bro. Doc

I don't know.  I suppose that will be up to his branch of service.  He was a Marine.  I know when Mike Jr. died, the Military paid for his funeral.  He was baried in Tacoma.  I think Mike Senior may want to be baried close to his son.  We shall see what happens.

But with the COVID-19 I understand they are not really doing funerals like they use too. He can be buried in a Military Cementary yes, but I don't think they are doing full funerals right now, but I could be wrong. He will also get a headstone for his grave if he buried in the ground. It depends on what kind of lockdown WA is still on if they will do a full Military Funeral. I hope they will do one, but you never know with COVID-19. I guess you will all have to wait and see. I don't know if you will go or not? Some states I understand have laws about coming into the a state from other States. But it would be nice if you could be too the service. Bro. Doc

You're right, they are not doing full sevices of any kind, but when they do, masks are required, along with Social Distancing.

From my understanding, an autopsy is going to be done.  In Washington State, that is a requirement, when a body is found, as his was.  I wonder about the Covid-19.  Was he exposed?  He was born with just 1 lung.

My understanding is any place you die in a home, business, hotel, they do the autopsy. He could have been exposed to COVID-19. So my understand of the Military Funeral during the COVID-19, is what they are doing is the abbrev. version. They take the casket too the Cementary unless he is in a urn, flag on top, the chaplain says the memorial service at the grave site and that is it. My understand, and I could be wrong this will be the funeral. If he belonged to the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, or Viet Nam Vets Organization, they would do a service later, unless they can go too the Cementary for the funeral. Here I have done 2 during the COVID-19 for vets, since I am our American Legion Post Chaplain, and it was ok to do outdoors and have the regular service. I do not know about WA. When you mentioned the dog, did it die also or? With one lung he could have had COVID-19. We will have to just pray Sis. Ellie, that the answers come quickly. Take care. Bro. Doc

"I've a feeling, that when the Lord calls me home, you'll be the first one there to meet me. Rest in peace now, Soldier. A new angel is now on duty keeping watch over his loved ones left behind. Love you little brother. "


A nice tribute and so sorry for your loss.

I don't think any of us know what our HEROES go through during the horrendous things they must see "while serving our countries" . May your brother R.I.P.

I am really sorry for your loss Ellie.

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