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A Murder Conviction

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, July 12th 2019 at 11:05am by ellie1142545

Many of you may remember my writing about Sidney Loofe, who disappeared in late 2017.  She was found murdered, and an investigation led to Aubrey Trail, and Baily Boswell.


Sidney and Bailey Boswell first met on line (Face Book), they set up a meeting date in Lincoln, going for a meal, and talking, nothing more.  The had a good time, joking and laughing, what have you, exchanged phone numbers, and decided to be friends.   A few weeks later, Bailey called and set up another meeting to just hang out, only this time, Sidney did the long distance driving, to Wilber, where Bailey, and her boyfriend Aubrey lived.


Before that last meeting, Aubrey Trail went to Lincoln, where he stalked (unknowningly by Sidney) her, following throughout the store, where she worked (Menards).  He bought some supplies there (that was used in Sidney's murder).  He watched her walk out of the store, to help a customer, and timed his leaving the store, with her coming back in.


That last meeting, with Bailey Boswell, is when she was last heard from.  Her phone went silent in Wilber.  At the same apartment building, that Aubrey Trail, and Bailey Boswell lived.  After a few weeks, Aubrey Trail confessed that Sidney Loofe was dead, claiming it was an accident, he didn't mean to do it.  It took another week, or so, before he finally confessed where he put her body.


The Autopsy showed that she was strangled, beaten, raped, and finally stangled again, to her death.  After her death, her body was cut up in to pieces, and thrown away like garbage.  And all the tools used in her death?  Receipts were found, from Home Shopping Depot, and Menards (the same store that Sidney Loofe worked at).


Last week, Aubrey Trail's trial started.  On Tuesday, or Wednesday, of last week.  Trail had a blade hidden, and in the middle of the trial Aubrey screamed out, that Boswell was innocent, and slashed his neck twice.  Two deep slashes, that missed the carotid artery.  He had been ill for a while, and was transported to trial in a wheel chair.  The trial went on.  Including on the days, he was in the hospital, recovering from his neck injury, he inflected.


One week later, the trial's over with.  The Jury had a choice, 1 degree murder, intentional, with metigating circumstances.  2 degree murder,  intentiuonal, with non-metigating circumstances, or manslaughter, death was an accident.  Less than 3 hours later, the Jury came back with Guilty of 1 degree murder, with metigating circumstances.  It, the sentance hearing, will now go before 3 Judges, one of them was presiding over the trial.  They will decide death sentance, or life in prison, without parole.  What ever the Judges decide, Trail will end up dying.  And if it's the death sentance, they won't have the chance to see it through.  His health is that bad.


Next one up, is Bailey.  She's just as guilty as Trail.  I have a very strong suspicion, that her trial will end up being the same way.  


Only time will tell.

User Comments

WOW!!! What was the motive? Why, did they do this to her?

There was no motive, they had nothing against her, it's that they planned a murder, and chose her as the victim.

 People are crazy. 

A horrible way to die. To me it sounds as if it was planned

It was planned.  From start to finish, it was premeditated, and they chose her.

Be sure your sins will find you out. Bro. Doc

Amen!  They sure do, every single time!

It was planned alright, or else why were the killing tools purchased, and to dispose of a body in that was is just evil, the death penalty for both of them I say.

I say the same thing, death penalty.

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