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perfect boyfriend (for you)

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, April 6th 2011 at 2:44am by ebonyjayde

110 Responses Created by ebonyjayde on April 6, 2011


if you were having trouble with friends, your boyfriend would:

  • invite you to hang with him
  • tell you to suck it up
  • help you find new friends
  • leave his friends to be with you


what would your boyfriend tell you every morning he saw you?

  • tell you that you looked better yesterday
  • 'good morning babe'
  • tell you that you look even more beautiful than yesterday


if you werent in a good mood, you boyfriend would:

  • ask you if its that time of the month
  • take you out to try forget about it
  • feed you chocolate and ice cream( or chocolate ice cream)
  • give you a kiss and tell you its going to be okay


if you were having family troubles, your boyfriend would:

  • ask if you wanted to talk about it
  • take you out more often to get away from them
  • start bringing you over to his place more often to take your mind off it


where would your boyfriend take you out for a romantic night?

  • the speedway
  • an italian resteraunt
  • the movies to see a horror movie (so you guys can cuddle)
  • his house, he cooks and none of his family is home

User Comments

how could the answer be WRONG!! it should be what we would thank!!!!


I agree


ikr! i thought the test was bout the type of guy that would suit us best or what we think or whatever!!??

INNIT xoxo

yeah , um. how could it be wrong >.> it's what we want in a guy...this is retarded. Just sayin'

this should be a poll

why is this a quiz if it is asking u this should be a poll

ahhh who cares stop drinking hateraid.

I know I am the silly one for taking this ''quiz'' in the first place but you called this ''quiz'' The Pefect Boyfriend (for you) and we give our answers and you tell us if we're right or wrong. It should be a poll rather than a quiz. Yo can't exactly tell someone who their perfect guy here and out....

I don't see how this is wrong...i have a boyfriend and uhh...i answered what we do...i guess my relationship isn't good enough{#side.gif} So you need to fix these{#sparkle.gif}.

this quiz makes no sense because i love my boyfriend just the way he is

how does this make any sense!!!!!!!!???????? technically the name doesnt really go with the quiz. how does it tell you the perfect boyfriend for you if there is a wrong answer????fix it please!!!!!!

Ok just saying but it says the correct answers are:invite you to hang with him, tell you that you look more beatiful than yesterday, give you a kiss and tell you everything will be ok, ask if you wanna talk about it, and take you to the movies to see a horror film (so you can cuddle)
Now here's my opinion:
~If I'm having trouble with my friends, I want time with my boyfriend ALONE because I'm most likely upset meaning he's the only one in the world I wanna see meaning I wouldn't wanna be around his friends, Hince the word ALONE
~#2: Tell you that you look more beautiful than yesterday: C'mon lets be realistic, hardly any guy is gonna say that when you wake up because if they're there with you when you wake up, they prob just woke up too meaning they aren't thinking about stuff like that, the first thing they are going to say is good morning babe or hey how'd you sleep?
~#3: I got that one right thankfully but umm just saying my boyfriend would probably kiss me tell me it'll be ok then tell me to just forget about it because well, no guy likes drama...
~#4: Ok #4 says the answer is "ask if you wanna talk about it" my answer was "start bringing you over to his place more often to take your mind off it" Well, for starters, when I'm mad, I WANT TO GET AWAY. That doesn't mean we won't talk about it when I get to his house... We'd probably talk about it, then watch a movie to calm me down..
~And last but not least #5: I'm sorry but my ideal romantic date isn't a horror movie so we can cuddle... No offence but it sounds like he just wants to get into my pants in the backseat of his vehicle after the dang movie which is totally pathetic... Going out to eat, or to his house would be the best solution for me, because then, at least he's putting SOME effort into it such as cooking for you or trying to show he doesn't wanna scare the shiz outt me.... Just my opinion....
~Plus this quiz is "perfect boyfriend (for you)" CLEARLY IT WAS FOR YOU
~OK I'm done now... This quiz was stupid bye bye

it should have been a survey      AGREED

Survey please. I'm Natalie Silverstone, and I think it should be a survey. Quiz? That means that the test would fit ONLY you, though! I'm sorry for blaming, but really...

More of an opinion poll. I love the raceways!

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