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Added: Tuesday, September 22nd 2009 at 8:06am by dtpsprtintl
Related Tags: politics

I am up to my ears with this "Administration" of a word i.e. Clinton Administration, Bush Administration etc, that has also started spreading in my own country.

What has happened to the word "Government"?

From what I remember from my school years a GOVERNMENT is running a country taking all crucial decisions, in all sectors of public life, like foreign policy, education, health, taxation and so on...

ADMINISTRATION on the other hand is a much lesser function where somebody (or a group of people) is using the designated resources to fulfill designated purposes within a given code of conduct!!!

IF my definitions are correct then we are facing three tragic scenarios:

  1. The politicians using the term "Administration" instead of Government or (for US) Presidency are illiterate and they don't even bother to open a dictionary
  2. The politicians using the term "Administration" know verry well what they are talking about so they have to answer WHO is deciding on what is to be done (other than the elected ones) WHO is deciding on which and how many resources are to be used in any occasion WHO is deciding on the guidelines on each occasion
  3. The Media started the use of the term "Administration" therefore they don't have the excuse of illiteracy so they are either trying intentionally to minimize the wok and value of politicians, in which case they have to answer why or the use of this term is correct, in which case they would have to answer the above (scenario 2) questions, since the politicians are not answering, less they are accomplishes

Am I wrong?

User Comments

Gov= Admin

his is the point I'm trying to make... the term admin is used to refer to gov... this is a way of "playing" with words to change people... read "1980" the book NOT the audio book or the movie... Also "Animal Farm" both by George Orwell

yeah, playing with words..a good politician needs to know lots of vocabularies...{#basic-smile.gif}

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