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The power of the 99% in 2012

Added: Wednesday, November 23rd 2011 at 5:37pm by drDrjojo

November 22 2011

Part one: Strategy and tactics in this moment

The resounding vote that affirmed collective bargaining rights for public workers in Ohio sets the tone and contains many lessons for the 2012 elections, just one year out from now.  Congratulations Ohio!

The impact of years of corporate profit gouging is giving way to a new level of fight back and activism in our country and internationally as well. The 99% are saying, "Enough is enough!"

Since the 2010 election in which Tea Party Republican candidates won contests for Governors and for Congress, the class war has become more vicious against working people while, at the same time, at the grassroots class consciousness has been raised and the fight back to tax the rich and protect worker's rights has strengthened.  

From the moment Barack Obama was elected President by a broad alliance and cross section of the electorate, the corporate driven and lavishly funded extreme right-wing went on a rampage, blocking basic legislation that can bring the country out of economic crisis, and attempting to take back every progressive gain from the New Deal to the Civil Rights movement.

Therefore, the struggle in which we are engaged is a struggle to protect and expand basic democratic rights. To win this sharp battle will take unbreakable unity by all democratic minded people, and especially from the labor movement, racially oppressed, women and youth - the core forces for social change.

The extreme wealth gap and resulting unemployment, homelessness and lack of educational opportunity has also brought a growing number of people to search for new avenues of independent political expression, and for some, to question the capitalist system.

We are in a unique position to engage in this discussion because of our vision for fundamental change and our historical experience, which teaches us that the grave dangers posed by the extreme right wing can become reality unless there is full unity to defeat them.

Our approach to the 2012 elections is a big responsibility. A key aspect must be to sound the alarm and expose the objectives of the Republicans, which are dominated by Tea Party politics. Whatever populist rhetoric is used, these are the policies of the strongest sectors of the ruling class including finance, the military industrial complex and energy.

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL CIO, expressed the outrage felt by millions this week when Republicans called for a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts for the super rich.

"Yesterday Republicans on the so-called "Super Committee" proposed lowering tax rates for the richest Americans while cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in Social Security and Medicare benefits that middle class Americans depend on. This is Robin Hood in reverse: class warfare against the American middle class on behalf of the top 1 percent," he said.

Every Republican presidential candidate supports cuts of Social Security and Medicare as well as ending all regulations on business. The Republican candidates were quick to oppose the decision of the President to bring the troops home from Iraq.

As Sam said in his report, to get an idea what would be in store with a Tea Party friendly president and Congress we need only look at the actions of the governors of Ohio and Wisconsin.

Ohio and Wisconsin also provide the example of the kind of unity needed to turn back this danger, raise the level of class consciousness, and lay the foundations for moving onto the offensive.

Growing unity and class consciousness

"We Are One" was the slogan and idea that took Wisconsin and the country by storm at the beginning of this year, coming out of the difficult 2010 elections. We Are One. A powerful, fighting idea born out of the vicious all-out attack by a new Tea Party Governor against public workers and their communities.

 "We Are One" brought together in the hundreds of thousands teachers with farmers, firefighters with machinists, students with laborers saying, "We will no longer be divided against one another." This message reverberated from union to union and statehouse to statehouse resisting attacks on workers rights swept across the nation. Two Republican allies of the Governor in the State Senate were defeated in an unprecedented recall election. The campaign to recall Gov. Walker has already begun.

 "We Are Ohio" carried Ohio, a tough swing state, though an unprecedented upsurge led by the labor movement which succeeded in soundly rejecting the even more vicious union-busting SB 5, mobilizing thousands of union members and other volunteers over many months standing up for their rights and their future, and becoming a national example for voter education and mobilization in 2012. The Koch brothers' FreedomWorks and the Alliance for America's Future poured in $30 million. But direct visits and voter contact by labor and allies won out. This experience, including the outstanding role of our Party, deserves careful study so that all the lessons can be drawn and made widely known.

A further development of the new level of unity came with the slogan and idea, "Rebuild the American Dream." drawing upon the historic civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King's contributions emphasizing racial and economic equality and social justice.

This movement emerges out of an intensive summer of organizing for "jobs not cuts," including the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Progressive Caucus jobs hearings and listening tours, and the roll out of the ten point Contract for the American Dream including proposals for large scale job creation to put people to work and meet community needs, funded by taxing the rich, ending the wars - ideas now supported by the majority of people in the country.

The American Dream Movement projects one million leadership volunteers and 2,012 candidates for the 2012 elections made possible by labor and core forces organizations with millions of members recognizing their common interests.

This organizing led up to President Obama's Labor Day address on jobs and the American Jobs Act, which began shifting the national discussion from deficits to jobs.

Against this backdrop, on September 17, Occupy Wall St. burst onto the political stage and proclaimed, "We are the 99%" Occupy Wall St. transformed the debate, pointing the finger at the obscenely richest 1%, and capturing the sentiments of the majority in the country who support taxing the rich and holding the financial corporations accountable.

Large cities and small towns responded, "We are the 99%," a unifying cry that forced its way into the media and forcing discussion away from deficits to "tax the rich" and demanding that youth no longer be locked out of the American Dream. It was a shout heard around the world.

The young people at the center of Occupy and all generations involved are searching for a more fair, just and sustainable society where they can thrive.

The message of "We are the 99%" is that we are all in this together. It therefore challenges the extreme right-wing attempts to "shrink government so small it can go down the bathtub drain," and reaffirms the idea of government's responsibility for the common good.

"We are the 99%" objectively exposes the hypocrisy of the corporate right-wing in blocking any taxes on the super rich at the expense of jobs and human needs while complaining about the deficit. Tea Party calls for no tax increases are a protection for the 1%, just as the shell game the Republicans are playing on the Super Committee is all about yet another extension for the $4 trillion tax cuts to the super rich..

These slogans and contents reflect a growing class consciousness - We Are One, We are the 99%, They are the 1%, identifying Wall St. as the main enemy. Objectively they reflect an awareness of class struggle and willingness to fight back - not as individuals but as a class.


In this way, the 2012 election is the immediate struggle that can move the process forward for fundamental change, for bill of rights socialism. As one of our state committee members in Connecticut likes to say: "The revolution isn't somewhere down the road. The revolution is now and here in what we are doing."





Do not include me in the 99%


User Comments

Dumb absolutely dumb...what an ill fated attempt to attack credibility. That's the flaw with the right...simply out right lies and yet at some level like watching wrestling, they think it's true...pathetic approach and not healthy for karma...keep an eye on Wisconsin, we're going to recall our Governor....Scott Walker who said he'd create 250,00...well we just lost another 9,000 last month...he's outta here.

Strider, my only comment was DO NOT INCLUDE ME IN THE 99% .  The rest of it came from your side of the aisle.  Sorry you don't like what you read. I don't either.

Yes, I have seen some of what went on in WI and I was totally disgusted at the democrats. liberals, communist, socialist, progressives and unions. DISGUSTING and disgraceful what the progressives did and are still doing !  From what I read, pple are going to his home to protest, going to his kids sports games and protesting. Just like the occupiers.... Imagine that. He may be recalled but you guys are playing dirty politics.  That is the "pathetic approach and not healthy for Karma"

I did a quick check and saw the rest of what you didnt mention

Dennis Winters, the agency's chief labor economist, said the state is feeling the effects of Europe's economic problems, which have resulted in a reduced demand for U.S. and Wisconsin exports.

The private sector as a whole still counted 14,500 more jobs than a year ago, although the public sector reported 8,500 fewer jobs than in October 2010.

The state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 7.7 percent, down slightly from 7.8 percent in September and unchanged from October 2010.
( CBS )

The national unemployment rate for Oct. is at 9%. It also said WI lost 1700 jobs in the healthcare field.  What caused that?

It's Working


Please take time to watch this video since it is about your state.

Maybe you guys are afraid his plan WILL work. You guys are willing to let Obama off the hook and say give him time, but you are not willing to give Walker's plan time to work. This recall stuff is UNAMERICAN.  Why hold elections if you guys regroup and bring in big wheels from all over the country to undo the will of the voters. Walker did NOTHING illegal, nothing worthy of needing an actual recall. It is all about unions afraid of losing their grip on politicians and the taxpayers pocketbooks.


Nearly $44 million spent on Wisconsin recall elections


You would not believe how many people out their with these petitions...they're all over the place...it's amazing.  I say they get a million signatures at this rate. dr. I've met Walker and told him how much he sucks and he thanked me for my opinions. I also watched him for years as our County Executive...his carnage with that position was incredible...The guys a crony and an idiot that should go back to college and finish his  degree. Oh, he dropped out...lol. We know him well and he's gotta go.

oh strider, you are just way too cool {#basic-cool.gif}   I thought liberals were all into anti-bullying, but that is another hoax. It is more like hypocrites who think they are way better than everyone else. Obama has a Harvard degree and look where it got us. If you want to get rid of someone because of unemployment rates... then you better VOTE OUT OBAMA.

We have 300,00 signatures my Friend already...lol...half way there...as for Obama...well we have those half baked Republicans in Congress doing nothing and voting down anything and everything. We're not idiots born yesterday, we know the primary strategy is to beat Obama even if it costs a American Job growth...sheet it's no secret...no wonder 12 percent support communism and 9 percent congress, that's an ugly poll there my man. And that cast of characters the Republicans have running ain't going anywhere...what a joke, it's like a comedy troupe. Listen, you and your whacky 20 percent solid minority is going nowhere...your posts are simply silly...if I'm a progressive...you guys are definitely regressive


What you are doing is wrong regardless if you think it is cool and game. It sets a dangerous precident.  Why hold elections if you guys will come right behind and try to vote out the winners. Eats your peas like a big boy instead of acting as if your party is the entitled one and no one else matters.  Talk about the party of 'NO'... it is your way or the highway.

You are a sucker Strider.. How many times have the democrats tried to help Republicans stay in office? The Republicans won a lot of elections in 2010, the democrats are doing their best to trash them.

Democrat Co-Chair Erskine Bowles: Obama's Political Team Convinced Obama To Ditch Fiscal Commission




'Nearly $44 million spent on Wisconsin recall elections' .... and you think that is money well spent.

Excellent post Jojo!! The CPUSA article is 99% synchronous with liberal and/or progressive ideology. The left is clearly divided between those who are communists but won't admit it since communism is utterly the antitheses of liberty, and those who can't admit it because they are so indoctrinated and emotionally invested in leftist thinking, that they cannot break out of that mental/emotional prison. You can see that reality sends a destructive charge through the short circuits in liberal minds. I'm guessing that none will watch the video past the first of many irrefutable fact that lays waste to their idealistic fantasy. Not dumb, but brilliant work as usual!!

We know how well communism has worked in all of the other countries who lived under it. The 'collective' were suppose to be treated as equals. But that made them equally miserable, except for a few select groups chosen by the ruling class.

The Communist hate the Tea Party because they stand for individual liberties and freedom for all. Piles of taxes upon taxes and regulations do not make a person FREE what so ever. The EU is voting the socialist out, while America is embracing them.

Spain rejects socialism – only three per cent of EU citizens now have Left-wing governments


Wisconsin should be ashamed of themselves..

Wisconsin's Recent History with Taxes

Good post jojo.

{#sparkle.gif} Maybe the 'liberals' will accept reality one day.

I prefer to live without the collective misery.

I earned the comfortable retirement by dint of hard work and planning ahead. Be damned if I want to give it away.

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