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#Occupy OKC Shut Down After Remaining Hoboes Get Drunk & Beat Security Guard

Added: Monday, November 28th 2011 at 8:10pm by drDrjojo

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, November 28, 2011, 8:19 PM

As Nancy Pelosi would say – “God bless them.


The Oklahoma City Police Department shut down the #Occupy OKC squatters camp tonight after they discovered that only homeless people were camping there. It didn’t help that the hoboes all got drunk and beat their self-appointed security guard.
News OK reported:

According to a police report, officers were called to the park about 1:45 a.m. A transient who had been staying at the camp overnight said he was working security for the camp when other transients staying at the camp ransacked the encampment and threw chairs and trash cans at him after getting drunk.

Pictures taken by police show chairs, tables and trash cans overturned with food and other garbage strewed about.

No one was arrested, but a pregnant woman at the camp was taken to a hospital after complaining of stomach pains.

SandRidge had initially been granted permission to close all of Kerr Park starting Monday as part of a demolition phase of their construction project, but city officials worked with them to allow half the park to remain open. But even the open portion of the park would be dirty and noisy, rendering it unsuitable for the protesters’ use, Berry said.


READ more



Mic Check >>>This is what democracy looks like. The whole world is watching!

Shame Shame Shame

{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

User Comments

Must be comforting to the OWS and the Dems to know that the homeless back them......what a farce!

There is another occupation that recruits homeless to stay at their sites. LOL The other occupods dont want to be bothered with the cold weather. Typical of the demokkkrats, they use ppl for the causes instead of help them.  It would have been nice if they took the homeless in, instead of use them as photo ops and political purposes.

Most of them are a bunch of rude, vile, obnoxious spoiled brats who are the product of years of liberal educators telling them America sucks. The Hope and Change generation are nothing but snort nose commies.

They should rethink what they are asking and as Rev Al so eloquently said...

But resist, we much… we must… and we will much… about… that… be committed.”

He is cracking me up on his MSNBC show. LOL He fits right in with the other moonbats.  I saw where Ray Madcow visits Obama at the White House. Imagine that !

He turns my stomach.... I don't watch NBC, but I watch MSNBC a couple of times a week to see who they are HATING on now. They are nothing but a hateful racist propaganda machine. There talking points comes right out of the Demokkk rat National Headquarter's playbook.

Their..not there..

Astroturf demonstrations by phony paid Communist union liars do not a "Cause" make.

And apparently neither do violent drunken hobos.




They are the educated elitist commie hobos.. not to be confused with redneck Conservative hobos. According to educated elitist liberals, all rednecks are Republicans.  I would rather be a redneck than a Red Diaper Commie. {#drinking33.gif}


I cannot imagine a hobo not having a care in the world....now especially.

But to live as a spoiled rich kid out "demon-strating" might be nice.....

I'd have to be armed though....I'm not big enough to fight.


Blue Irritating Tempestuously Communist Hobo's


LOL they have a facebook account for Commie Hobo's LOL


I'll cling to my Bible and guns....and I come from a long line of capable, practical rednecks who also served this country honorably in the military since it was founded.

Yes, education doesn't mean capable.....especially in the case of the red diaper baby currently "occupying" the White House.

Nope, No commies for me either.

They probably belong to a union

The Brotherhood of Hobo Occupiers. BHO

Logger friends of my cousin's in Idaho used to fight in the little bars and taverns over who bought the next round. Seems like a worthy cause.....




Most of them would have to get together to own a full set of teeth....and it was my understanding that the winner always had to buy....because he was still standing.



AJay....I'll cling to my Bible and guns........


@Rachel.. the only thing I could see you doing with your Bible is wiping your rear with its pages and happily shooting homeless people with guns.


missy...I acknowledge ignorance is still your most notable feature.


And a prior comment of mine on this same post was:

"I cannot imagine a hobo not having a care in the world....now especially."

Read all the comments, Missy. Where was I poking fun at the homeless? 

But I certainly do hope all violent drunken hobos who hurt people get what they deserve.

The comment about clinging to my Bible and guns was me taking a shot at the stupid snide remark Obama made when he was running for Prez the first time around. In other words, believing in God doesn't impel me to take shit off of anybody. I am armed, not stupid.

I do NOT approve of violent, drunken, drug-infested, rape-ridden, Commie-financed, astroturf demonstrations. Never have, never will.

Whatever "message" they are hoping to impart is lost in the bedlam they create.

That's pretty stupid in my honest opinion.

{#giggle.gif} The fools at these OWS actually think violence will beget sympathy?


"missy...I acknowledge ignorance is still your most notable feature"

Heh.. My words still stands.


Your delusions are beyond comical.  I mention Bible and guns.....and you go off on disrespect of the Bible then proceed to yap about the poor and homeless....so we can agree, you are void of common sense.



It sure does....and actually I'd cheer as they writhed on the ground.

Yet they seem to think their violence should go unpunished...the fools.



All is well. Thanks. You too. I was gone for a short time myself.

Unfortunately, you really do take things out of context don't you?

Too bad. You miss the intent and the true meaning of what people here are saying and where they are coming from.

What I am poking fun at is that these alleged "protests" are such a screwed up mess that they don't even know who is a part of the protest and who is not, or even what the Hell they are protesting.

If you asked each and every person attending to enumerate exactly what they are protesting, you will get as many different answers as there are people.

OWS is disorganized, violent, and pitifully, stinkingly disgusting. To pattern them after the violent Arab Spring is even dumber. And from watching one of the main organizers who put up a youtube video months ago, it was to be patterned after the Middle east uprisings.

So I consider them to be as dumb as it comes.

Insofar as the poor go, they have my sympathy. Obama has been killing jobs as fast as he can and has now grown government by 25% which further stresses the taxpayer. Government jobs produce nothing but more debt.

You're on the wrong side here if you think it will get better, because it won't.

But if you like the idea of wealth redistribution, good luck. The future will be the elites and the poor with no middle class. This country is broke. Spent beyond its means. It will become a violent mess, and as Obama embraces the OWS, it is exactly as he planned.

He taught that "the end justifies the means" when he taught his Chicago ACORN Alinskyites.

And that my dear is as far from Christ-like as it gets.



Yes, They are a mess...and truly are asking to get hammered.

Conservatives only ask to live and let live...and therein lies the difference. OWS idiots think we owe them a living and they think money is like manna from "the government". In their infinite idiocy, they fail to realize that WE the people are the source of the money, not the damned government. All the government knows how to do is spend, pander and point fingers. We have been guilty of being asleep at the switch, and suffering fools.

We are done with that.

Commie hobo's now that's LOL!! shouldn't they be in black and red? LOL!

LOL Good point Rose !

That's right jojo ,they didn't get the dress code memo from uncle bho like mamao did LOL!

The whole family wore the colors of anarchist.

Sure did,and we won't get into the initials of his kids,i feel for them!Think the only cure for the disease is your avatar LOL!yep!

I lost all patience for liberals a long time ago. Once I realized I was duped by the democrat talking points and the liberal media.  I am like a scorned 'ex' who caught their spouse cheating on them.

How true is that! And funny they cheated you and woke you up and I am happy!! lol! I changed over in my late 20's.Had Carter and boy did he screw us up,wow and now bho beats him! Keep it up jojo  we can take them down in '12!

"I don’t know if the transients are part of the group or not. It’s kind of hard to tell"

I guess that pretty much sums the whole thing up doesn't it. How many have been found "dead in a tent" or just dead at occupy camps? Imagine the news media if this epidemic went on at Tea Rallies.

Oct 31 Dead in tent at occupy OKC

Nov 06 Dead in tent at occupy Vancouver

Nov 07 Dead in tent at occupy Bloomington

Nov 08 Dead in tent at occupy NOLA (found 2 days after he died)

Nov 10 Suicide in tent at occupy Burlington

Nov 10 Man shot dead at occupy Oakland

Nov 11 Dead in tent at occupy SLC

Double standards as usual. The Tea Party gets blamed for a lot of things that never happened. If they can't blame Bush or Palin, they blame the Tea Party.


"Dead in a tent at a violent ugly liberal rally"...what a shitty little epitaph.


So you take to the streets and call it "Occupy ...."  What's the point?  How about looking at yourself in the mirror and coming to terms with the truth that perhaps "I am the problem."

The truth is hard to admit for some people.

Wayne Dyer once said he spent the day driving around to fast food places to find a particular ballerina prize that was part of a kids meal that his daughter desperately wanted. He said it finally dawned on him that he should teach his kids how to deal with life when they don't get what they want.

There will never be total equality between the have & have nots and life isn't always fair.

Oh for heaven's sake Missy, I and others here do have plenty of empathy. We came from the same backgrounds that everyone else in this country did, and our lessons we learned in Bible school took. Conservatives donate and help others at a far greater rate than Liberals have ever done or ever will do. Altruism is a Conservative trait.


We do not however expect the GOVERNMENT to feed, shelter and clothe us....much less wipe our asses and provide our reason to exist.

You have no call to come here and be rude.

AJay - it is beyond obvious those unlearned in the Bible, fail to know the meaning of liberty and the difference between a helping hand and a burden.


What a lame comment Missy. 

If I don't support your cause, you suggest that I am not a human, have no empathy and don't care about others?

Did you even read the post? Your thoughts?

Did you read my very first comment? Why aren't the occupiers helping the homeless instead of using them?


Sure I have empathy but I don't suffer fools either.  Protest are nothing new for anarchist or professional activist agitators.

More people are becoming aware of these staged events

Staged arrest

Purposely create a burden on taxpayers

Trash communities

harass private citizens

interrupt politicians/political events

Use homeless people and unsuspecting people to futher their agenda.

Pit Americans against each other

Where is your empathy for the police you guys taunts and call pigs? You know a lot of police are 'human' too and a lot of them of Vets.

Where is your empathy for taxpayers who are stuck paying the bill for your cause?

Where is your empathy for the people who are inconvienced by your cause?

Where is your empathy for the people who are singled out by your cause?

Nope, Missy, I dont have any empathy for this movement because of the radicals behind it.

Your group claim to represent the 99% but once something happens, you guys say 'They are not a part of the movement.'



Occupy Together


Occupy Together It is getting cold outside, and the police are being so troublesome about our constitutional right to assemble, might as well take over a house that is not being lived in, or should continue to hold the family that it houses. Families are so much better than banks, don't you agree? Occupy Homes: Will Taking the Fight to Foreclosed Houses Unleash More Police Violence? | Occupy Wall www.alternet.org


I read another post and comment on Occupy Together today, but can't find it right now. It suggested to start harassing individuals as they come out of work. It said   4 or 5 ppl could surround the person and really harass them and make them uncomfortable. It would be easy to find ppl to harass just by the expense cars they drive.

You do know that communist, socialist and radical leftist ararchist started this movement, don't you?

Pseudo-intellectuals wouldn't even begin to understand the meaning of the words in the Bible. It's because they try to interpret it out of context and attempt to make it fit an agenda.

drDr - Don't you find it odd that the Conservatives who promote and speak of LIBERTY are finger wagged by the ones who break the law....and called names befitting themselves.  Reprobates!

AJay - I agree.  Such as in missy's  case.  Clueless!

Exactly Rachel.  Sensitive littler boogers, aren't they. They don't want to be called out on it.

Oh she is tired Rachel... And if I recall correctly, she resents you because of something her father did. {#a-little-birdy.gif}


@Rachel.. the only thing I could see you doing with your Bible is wiping your rear with its pages and happily shooting homeless people with guns.

I have studied the Bible a great deal, and some may say that my weakness is that I read it too literally.

Romans 12:2:


Your weakness is not literal meaning.......it's lack of understanding!  And your equating the Holy Scriptures with the likes of a dung wiper is a perfect representation of your nonsensical blather.


I would imagine barrages of twisted thoughts would cause grave exhaustion on a handful of operable brain cells....{#crying.gif}


"You guys have been more than rude about people of whom you have never met."

You guys????? I have friends here, I have acquaintances....but I am not a member of "a group" as you imply. I speak for myself.

Furthermore, I meet rudeness with indignation, and rightly so. You obviously do not know Rachel, at all. She is a true believer, but that does NOT mean she suffers fools.

And you did say on a previous post you attended an OWS in Texas but you did not spend the night. So which is it? You did or you didn't?

Furthermore, I do not "flame" but I do know libs on Blogster who do. I refuse to put up with their name-calling, vulgarities and cussing at me. I'm simply too old to put up with crap.



Different day same tactics......assign their twisted thoughts to others, then slither around with a divided tongue damning their own thoughts.  {#basic-undecided.gif} 


Study away. You have a lot to learn.

Don't think for a minute that I have not been where you are.

Intellect is not measured by volume but rather by what you do with what you absorb. I see far too many who fail to apply reasoning to temper the content of their books and they become one-faceted. Ego-driven. Shallow.

Like the President.



These cretins who attend these misfit rallies are overwhelmingly concerned about "their rights" as they merrily stomp on everyone elses rights.....

because they are poorly educated, sadly misinformed and easily led by nefarious America-hating jackasses.

They are hedonists who take without giving, all the while wallowing in the ugly messes of their own making.

The fact is all media is corrupt, I have witnessed this first hand.  You can believe that or not. 

I find the media to be slanted in favor of your occupation of America & the socialist agenda, and against the Tea Party and Conservatives. So, keep that in mind too.

I get most of my views and information from reading their blog post and comments, by watching their live-streams, viewing their youtubes and checking into the background of the people who are actually behind the movement. The professional radical leftist have an agenda they are implementing in phases. Too bad they don't feel comfortable enough to have stated it from the very start.

I am not one who thinks America is so bad that I want to move to another country. I think you stated you do. I hope you find what you are searching for Missy.

You said you want to make the world a better place for your children, but you assume we don't want the best for our children and grand children as well?

You are condescending with your comments. Everything you said about the people commenting on here can go the same for your judgement of us.

Flame away because that is what you are doing. If we answer you comments, you assume it is flaming. You have a false assumption about us. We are entitled to our opinions even if they differ from yours .... isnt that what freedom of speech is all about? I don't think anyone who commented on this post is a bad, evil person.


are you watching your fellow comrades at Occupy LA?


They have worn their welcome out.


I do not go for the term "DEMAND" that they choose to use.

Some of it makes sense and some of it is the drooling raving of radicals.

We are a nation of laws. Many in the Occupy movement are lawless and the first thing they need to learn is to learn to work within the framework of the law and lose the idiots. Give them the boot. If they really want to be taken seriously, that is. If they wish to effect change, they need to learn that we are NOT a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. They have some good ideas but their poorly-educated background is showing. I would suggest they study all forms of Government and understand why we were formed as a Republic, not as a Democracy.

The worst problem we have is NOT Wall Street. It is our own corrupt self-serving government. The more you learn about it the more you will understand why. It shocks me almost daily at how rotten it is.

You said you attended an OWS...did you or didn't you? I remember you also said your Dad didn't approve.


Terrific, Patriot.

And it is tough to admit you have been "had" but a lot of these kids jumped on the bandwagon before even checking out any of the "founders" or backers of the OWS movement. Where's the money coming from is always a real good start. Who is financing it?

Following the money is a real good habit to learn. It reveals intent.


They sure did.

They have no integrity. If the serious smart dedicated ones took over the leadership, shunned the Democrats and the Prez, and dumped the Commie radicals, they might get somewhere.


So usurp the movement and instil some integrity...dump the Commies, the radicals and tell the Democrats to go to Hell. THEY are part of the problem. Do you think tea party people are entirely happy with the Republican Party?

Hell no!

The link you gave me did have some good points.

Hundreds of police are raiding the occupy LA


They have on hazmat suits.


They raided Philly tonight too


Yep. Communism is wealth-envy and totally anti-Capitalism.

Unbelievable how they hide the Commie bullcrap in the rest of the rhetoric to distract and baffle with bullshite.

First off...we are not a "Democracy", wherein the loudest, most violent or the strongest win.

Second, about the "hoarded wealth" that they whine incessantly about?

The majority of the rich use their money to make more money...with businesses that employ people . Well, except for nightmares like George Soros who uses his hoarded wealth to buy elections and ruin the economies of nations.....


Rachel digs to find out what people are made of...is the best explanation I can give. Furthermore, she is incredibly bright and knows a lot about the Constitution and Constitutional law.

Why? You feeling scrutinized? LOL

Pay particular attention to different forms of government...their constructs and what they stand for in the way of rule of law and humanitarian laws. Then compare Democracy, Socialism, Communism, against our Constitutional Republic (which was firmly rooted in Christianity) and who wins?

You look at a lot of what this OWS movement spouts and it is anti-Capitalism...which is the antithesis of our whole foundation. It has a hidden agenda. Sure a lot of what they say sounds good until you apply our Constitution. Then you begin to understand that in order to achieve their ends they will violate many Constitutional rights of individuals.


"and 4. So far as "Wall street" is concerned:  Wallstreet execs get bonused millions each with our tax-dollars for destroying our economy through illegal means, costing us billions and thrusting us into the greatest recession since the Great Depression, and get a free pass?  I am sorry, but I play by the rules, and so should every other American."

THIS is an Obama thing....do you not understand he is the worst of the worst at handing out our tax-dollars to his buddies? Obama is Cronyism on steroids...Fanny and Freddy are demanding 5 billion MORE (after getting 65 billion) from the taxpayer (via the government) so they can hand it out in bonuses to their execs...and the whole thing was blessed by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd....both retiring, by the way. The housing mess was questioned by Bush (I saw the letter online in a pdf) and Barney Frank SWORE it was all doing wonderful....Gawd what a liar....the housing bubble of bad loans soon burst.

Yes, there was corruption before but the cronyism and abuses are far worse than we have ever seen before under Obama. Where do you think Obama got his billion dollars in the last election cycle to get elected? WALL STREET. And Public and private unions were positively salivating when Obama was elected. They knew Obama would try to shove "UNION" down everybodies throats.

Trillions of dollars have been wasted...Hell, we never dealt with Trillions of $$$ in our economy until the last decade. Bush was no angel with his stamp of approval to the spendthrift Democrats for all the spending in his last two years in office, either.

Obama swore he would have transparency and bipartisanship...funny...the healthcare bill, thousands of pages was all written behind closed doors with the Republicans all twiddling their thumbs LOCKED outside.

Obama said he would clean up the waste fraud and abuse in our government...it's far FAR worse than ever before. Lobbyists have a revolving door in the White House.

And Obama claimed he would be a post-racial president...yet he has fanned the flames of racism and class warfare like I have never seen in my lifetime. I lived through all of the civil rights movement. I remember what it was like. Obama is a liar and a frigging fraud.

We need to get rid of corrupt judges, corrupt Congress, corruption period.

I wish we could either jail them, deport them or shoot them...I am so sick of the crooked scum.




Apparently the taxpayers finally threatened the city fathers and Mayors if they didn't put a stop to the crap. It's costing them millions that they do not have.

Missy, This is one of the ppl behind the movement.  He admits it is a hard core anarchist movement.

Socialist Warns #OccupyWallStreet Not To ‘Fall Into Trap’ Of MoveOn, Democratic Party



This is the person behind the OWS movement in NYC.


So, they created this Article V Constitutional Convention capability, which means that if 34 States pass resolutions, at the state level, calling for a Convention, all sides would have the opportunity to talk about the changes they believe would restore democracy. And, so, we could bypass Congress and the Senate and the Executive and the Judicial branch and just get this done.



This is exactly what I'm seeing. Soros is the devil incarnate.

Thing is, we ignored it while the Communism seeped into the kids little brains...by those self-serving UNION Commie-sympathizing tools called "teachers". Not all...but enough to instil the gimmee ethic in place of the work ethic in far too many.


Start with this...and read Larry D's comment... because this is where it started...in Toronto, and drdrjojo has several past posts on Blogster that cover the financing of the movement.

Try this link....



And this

Unions, Socialists Join Forces to "Occupy Wall Street"

Yes...we have devolved into too many Social Programs. Ain't it great to give "gifts" when it isn't your money?

I paid into Medicare and Social security all of my working life....

It is NOT a "gift" from my government, it is something I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR, in advance, for the past 40+ years.

(The mistake was our government robbed the fund and we didn't stop them. Lyndon Johnson was the first thief. Now every Tom Dick and Harry get money from these funds without paying in or even qualifying.)

And I earned a retirement as well. In other words, I PLANNED AHEAD for my retirement.

The Fed was a huge mistake 100 years ago, and Wilson should be shot and hung retroactively in my personal opinion. Maybe drawing and quartering and keelhauling too...and I think he may have actually lived to regret it. It's a den of thieves.

Take the money out of politics, government, illegal financial institutions like the Fed.  End of story.



'Capitalism worked for two hundred years, but times change, and systems become corrupt. George Soros, a man of staggering wealth, has stated that he would like to be remembered as a philosopher. My suggestion is that this great man start and sponsor a forum for great minds to come together to create a new system of government that truly represents the common man's interest, while at the same time creating rewards great enough to attract the best and brightest minds to serve in government roles without having to rely on corruption to further their interests or lifestyles.'

Missy, that is from your link. Please research George Soros !  Ajay has some links that she can post.

ajay, Do you have the Soros info handy? If so, please post some links for missy.


This newly-rich GLOATING hedge-fund guy Lahde is a hedonist....and a smug egotistical jerk...but such is life. I do not envy him his money nor how he acquired it. He's done nothing to be proud of and it shows. He took advantage of the stupid (his "low-hanging fruit") and then brags about it. That's not just gloating, it's gleeful gloating.

I have a cousin who is 68 years old now, who's currently in the Federal slammer in Yuma doing 10 years for bilking several elderly folks out of a million and a half...is that better or worse than Lahde?

These scum, and all who are like them, do not even have a nodding acquaintance with ethics, scruples, morals or principles.

I couldn't live with myself. But that's me.

Yes...we need air freshener and clothes-pins to stand being in the same room with most of our governement officials.

It is late so I won't add more to the discussion tonight. You have a lot to go thru as it is. I did want to tell you there is a complete transcript in the comment section of the 2nd link.You can also find videos on youtube of Alexia. (I find her to be a nut case.{#basic-cool.gif} )  She told me that if I wasnt supportive of the movement, then I was a communist sympathizer and a traitor.

I will get back with you tomorrow night. Nice chatting with you, at least you are willing to listen.


Check out this link .. an occupier just sent it to me... Ahhh the good 'ole days.  So sad.


It was in this link


Here's what I have on my blog....feel free to peruse. Thing is, we, that is the ones I visit with most here on Blogster, are close to me in age. We have lived through a lot of this same stuff before with the anti-war crowd, the hippies and the crap-for-economy under Carter. It was my generation who got stoned, dropped out, lived the civil rights movement, had fabulous music, a space program that beat the socks off of the Russians, and yet uncomprehendingly we allowed the slow slide into Socialism. (Believe me, there are millions of us who are sorry about that and we are trying to fix it.)

I would bet that most of us started out in fairly poor families, because we were born soon after WWII, (me in '47) and returning servicemen had it tough. This is why Eisenhower kicked out a million or two of the illegals because the returning military guys needed jobs. BTW, It's an out and out lie that Mexicans do jobs that Americans won't. But currently, with all of the government giveaways, welfare and unemployment bennies extended endlessly, why bother looking for a job? Why worry about paying for your next meal if you can have endless food stamps? 65 million people are currently on food stamps. That's just sick. When we were kids there was no such thing. When you visited a doctor, you paid $40 bucks for the visit and didn't have health insurance either.

Yet we thrived, succeeded, worked and saved. We respected hard work and we knew from our folks it paid off.

Then we got complacent and believed the bastards we elected.

We have lost 60% of our manufacturing base in the last 50 years to out-sourcing and horrible government interference and regulations.

And all the while the government grew...and grew...and grew. Since Obama was elected it has bloated up another 25%....and it produces exactly NOTHING but hot air and more debt. It produces no product to sell, it gains us nothing. Quite the reverse...it puts us further in the hole.

Anyhow, some links for the OWS financers....







You aren't telling me anything I haven't read and believe wholeheartedly already.

Limit the gol-danged #*^# ?#* blankety-blank government!!!!


{#apploud.gif} {#congrats.gif} {#iagree.gif} {#panting.gif} {#thumbs_up.gif} {#yell.gif}


You will have to raise the SS retirement age for one thing....people in 1900 only lived to age 46...now we live a lot longer. (Heck I plan on being a real painintheass burden to my kids for many many years to come! LOL)  Actually I took care of Mom for 6 1/2 years at home with senile dementia, leukemia and a couple of bouts of pneumonia. It wasn't easy. She was almost 85 when she died. We could have relegated her to a nursing home, but I chose not to. And we are helping our daughter raise her daughter at home. I never had any inkling that at this age we would be raising a kid. She was 7 months old when they moved in and is 7 years old now. But you know what? I would not change a thing.

You will have to contribute more and/or have private retirement accounts.

My spouse had retirement under the original Civil Service Retirement program that had to be paid into at the rate of almost 8%.  I believe they contribute at a lower rate now...which is really really stupid. It pays out a lot less, too. Like I said, we planned ahead. And I'm pretty darned pushy when it comes to planning ahead. Anal, in fact. We buried ourselves in debt about 20-25 years ago. We borrowed home equity and paid the mess off and have not had an outstanding balance on a credit card since. Do not ever fall into that stinking trap. It will definitely delay retirement.

And I would dearly LOVE to punish those who screwed it all up, many of whom are still in office. The best I can do is vote em out and let them know exactly what I think about their big mess until they are gone. If nothing else, they deserve my scorn, regularly. Oh I'm basically polite, but I let them have it.

Some of the homeless being used so well by their beloved  left leaders, don't even see who had a hand in making them homeless! Under and uneducated being taken advantage of ,as usual by the non helpfull left that can only talk about what to do and never have a solution or help! Pitiful in a way too isn't it.Great post!

Thanks Rose. They act like we are heartless...


They have worn their welcome out. listen to their BS


They sure do,when in actuality the right gives more and cares more than the left ever could dream of doing or helping and it can be proved!

 Had a real prog lib in our old office,boy when it came time for donations to childrens hospitals etc.. our broker made him and others on the left give!It was great to see since he didn't have to ask any conservs twice!


It's makes as much sense as going down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland....nutty. They think appearing on TV is the highlight of their life....their "15 minutes of fame", whoopie...even though they matter not to those who use them. The good serious kids who bothered to get an education need to usurp the movement from the radicals. Jeeze, I cannot stand the moronic drumming on that live-stream. It's as bad as the creepy rhetoric repeated over and over like the brainwashing crap that it is.


They brag about the amount of ppl watching the livestream.. and say the whole world is watching. there are 7 billion ppl in the world. LOL They said about 1500 are watching tonight. LOL They fail to realise a lot of the ppl watching are AGAINST the movement.

They think they are big time TV stars. LOL Wonder if Hollyweird will give them any awards for their reporting.

Those drums and chants get on my freaking nerves, I dont see how the protesters cant put up with it.

The girl talking is Claire, but she calls herself FREEDOM. haha  They live in their own little world.


That is livestream TV from LA

Yeah, Freedom is funny. She is a real flower child.

The police are wearing hazmat suits because the protesters have been know to throw urine and feces on them.. plus other things that they can get their hands on.


another live stream from the local news


This is the twitter link

There is a man in a tree that the police are trying to get down. :/  Everyone who is still there are going to jail.

Were we ever that stupid?

(Crap...I guess we probably were).

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