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More Politically Correct Fake Liberal, Fake Republican Outrage

Added: Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 at 7:11pm by drDrjojo
Category: News & Issues

Just a few links to examples of Democrats using the term "Lynch" or "Lynching" towards Republicans vs their fake outrage over President Trump's tweet, today. 

I just posted the links if anyone cares to read over the examples. 

It's a nonissue to me since especially since Trump supporters have been called a Nazi, White Supremest, antisemites,   etc... and the very ones outraged today, said nothing. 

I think what the Democrats are doing is outrageous. 


Flashback: Left Thinks Lynching Okay Description โ€” for Republicans

RACIST JOE BIDEN and at Least Five House Democrats Said Bill Clintonโ€™s Impeachment โ€œA Partisan Lynchingโ€ (VIDEO)



Here's a Twitter account who posted a thread with several videos of Democrats using the term lynch or Lynching in their speeches. Click in the link to see the other tweets in the thread. 


Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott compared Clintonโ€™s Impeachment n 1998 to #Lynching: โ€œWe're taking a step down the road to becoming a political Lynch Mob... We are going to find a rope find a tree and ask a bunch ofquestions later..โ€ I heard clapping not outrage..


User Comments

just For future reference... we still have free speech FOR NOW. 

If the links don't work for you.. remove the http://

We've long reached a point with the left where it's 100% "Do as I say, not as I do" and it's become an exercise in futility for anyone to point out their double standards - which is all they have left.

They simply don't care. Authoritarians never do.

True. Some lawmaker in Massachusetts is going to introduce a bill making it a crime to use the word "Bitch" and a college kid was arrested for using racial slurs. 

We are told to tolerate every thing the word police dictates while they put their boots on our necks. 

I watched the OAN where they played the video of Nadler calling the Clinton impeachment a "lynching"

A lot of Democrats used that same word. Biden sounds even crazier with his response to Trump.. he admits  he talks without thinking, ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚



Oh man!  He came out with the "lynching" first, and now he says President Trump came out with it, and is causing racial strife, he needs to go back to Obama, who is the leader of the racial strife, and is still stoking it, to keep the so called fire going.

BINGO! Joe plays the race card and plays on racial fear all the time. Democrats depend on it to keep the Blacks voting for them. To heck with uniting groups of Americans, it's all political for democrats.  It's disgusting. 

Just shaking my head here.  I'm thinking that they need to get some padded cells prepared, because, to me, it sounds like they're bouncing off the wall.

Haha! So true! 

It is amazing how this president is under a microscope at everything he says or does. With these radical libs, this man cant do anything right. 

I've never seen anything like it. It is harmful to America but they hate Trump more than they care about the damage they are doing to our country. The hatred thrown towards him is ignored and overlooked by those who hate him. 

 I think he is doing something right for our economy to be putting out the jobs that they are. I like the idea of him tackling the immigration polices that we had in place. 

I will vote for him again.

And think how much more he could have done for our country if the democrats weren't working against him and America. They are suddenly against things they once were for... Pelosi is a snake! As are the rest of the democrats. 

 I agree JoJo. If he didnt have to battle his way through his presidency, he would be even greater. Now we see why, the libs are acting this way. ?

Ho0ld your horses, amigo.  A few months ago when the Senate passed the Anti-Lynching bill (Justice for Victims of Lynching Act), Some far right religious extremists went to great effort to insure that LGBTQ persons specifically NOT be included as protected under the law, because far right religious extremist groups do not want to be help responsible for murder if/andor when they might be involved in such activity, which, based on their determination that gays and trans people NOT be protected by this law is a pretty clear indication that SOME far right religious extremists condone the lynching of gays and transgender persons.

I think the "left" have a pretty well founded understanding, (unlike Trump, and his dishonest, lying, cowardly supporters) of what that term actually represents.

Lynching is a crime... why would gays have to be singled out if it's a crime already? That's the games the left plays..

and please expose those you claim condone gays and trans being lynched because I highly suspect you are lying! 

Your own bigotry is noted. ๐Ÿ‘

*when I asked to name those who want gays lynched.. I'm talking about American ... 

...democrat hypocrisy is a given. 

They never let us down.... ๐Ÿ‘

...kinda like the Liars Club.

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