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Lisa Fithian Teaching Radical to Chicago Teachers Union

Added: Monday, October 31st 2011 at 9:36pm by drDrjojo


The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) trained under radical street organizer, and leader of the anti-capitalist #occupy movement, Lisa Fithian, to stage a protest march in Chicago on 10/10/11.

During this event, more than 20+ members of the CTU were arrested.


"You don't go to Fithian when you want to carry a placard," "You go to her when you want to make sure there are enough bolt cutters to go around."


"Fithian is a legendary organizer who operates in the world of anti-globalism anarchists, antiwar protesters, and union activists...[SHE] played an important role in the violent shutdown of Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting"




So, when you think back to the public sector workers and teacher's protest in WI, you know they too were well planned by these same organizers.  The WI protest even had doctors on hand to give out doctors excuses to teachers so they would not lose pay. Don't believe half of what you see, because this is staged to get the maximum exposure they can get.  The more negative it makes the cities and police look the more the leftist love it.  You noticed, they did not latch on to the Tea Party protest, but they are defending the leftist, radical anarchist movements that are happening across America.

Funny how the teachers want to be arrested.  Just who IS teaching our children, educators or activist with an agenda?


Do not be fooled into thinking this is just ordinary people protesting...

User Comments

I can remember when if a teacher was arrested...THEY LOST THEIR JOB!

Yeah, those were the good ole days when teachers were professionals who cared about teaching and their reputations.  Protesters today wear it as a badge of honor. They are at war against the system.  The taxpayers deserve better.  Look how much these protest are costing the taxpayers.  They don't care that the money could have been spent on schools or the really needy.  They objective is to overthrow the system.

I wonder how they would feel if the tax payers stopped paying them?

You saw how they reacted in WI when they were forced to pay some of their benefits. They went nuts and even started threatening people.

And they marched on Illinois State capital last year to demand they raise taxes instead of taking any cuts to help relieve the burden to the taxpayers.  It was the same bunch of activist...

I would say TOUGH! NO work NO pay. It is time people stood up to these bullies.

Jojo's right on,,they would go nuts if we did a thing to their jobs.Ha!They need to try to fire 'em and stick to their guns.Loads of good teachers are waiting for their jobs right now.No backbones today and we need to rid ourselves of unions!

Educators use to serve as role models for many students, but nowadays, they have become radicalized via their unions.  The more they became involved in unions, the worse education got.  They are more concerned with how big of a pension they will receive, or how many benefits they will receive.  Cost of higher education has skyrocketed.  The protesters need to look at some of the educator's pensions if they wonder where the money for education is going.  They need to look into how much unions put into democrat elections... money that could be used in the classrooms.

You read my mind,couldn't have said the truth any better jojo!

I am sick of all the pensions in all parts of govt..it's appalling now and you hit it,all they care about is self not teaching.Sure has gone downhill in our lifetimes .We had some of the best teachers in the 50's and 60's,lets just keep educating our own ourselves at home.That way they will get both side not just the liberal bs they get now.

Fithian......Just spreading the old HATE!!!

These people really are just hate-mongers, and sometimes they even wear sheep's clothing, but we know what they are.

She is a HATE MONGER who spreads hatred and dissent everywhere she goes.  Watching this video, seeing how they designate ppl to be arrests makes this whole protest a shame. We know they wrote out fake doctor excuses at WI protest, so why should we believe half of what we see or hear about the protesters being injured by police.  THEY LIE for a living. There are plenty more people like her at the occupations. 

Ann Coulter --- Liberal motto: Speak loudly, and carry a small victim


Coulter called that right.

Do liberals have an actual college course now on how to play a "victim"?


No surprise it's Chgo.again! Teachers aren't what they used to be and what a shame for the whole of society too,they sure helped screw it up big time too,,,they need to fire them ,with so many young graduate teachers available their jobs wouldn't be open long!

I wonder how Rahm likes being Mayor of Chicago?  LOL  Are the years of liberal corruption coming back to haunt him... or is he just playing politics as usual.

Oh I bet he's in liberal hog heaven lol! Just playing of course,we don't expect him to really work do we,LOL he's probably got Daley on his private payroll to work for him,ha!

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