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'We're On The Right Side Of History', Says Party Whose Abortion Position Is Endorsed By North Korea, Harvey Weinstein, Church Of Satan

Added: Sunday, September 12th 2021 at 8:34pm by drDrjojo

'We're On The Right Side Of History', Says Party Whose Abortion Position Is Endorsed By North Korea, Harvey Weinstein, Church Of Satan



I saw this Babylonbee article and it hit the nail on the head. 



I've been reading the non-menstruating people and parentless liberals attacking pro-life adovates. 

One even questioned how many of us have adopted children. My family is blessed with numerous adopted children and with many children that were created outside of wedlock and their parents got married because they CHOSE LIFE for their child. They weren't rich... but they never complained. My first grandchild was adopted, my dad was adopted, a niece and nephew are adopted, three of their children are adopted. Many other cousins have adopted. 

Two of my relatives gave up babies for adoption and found them later in life. When a woman aborts their baby, they will never have a chance to met their child or know what it could have been if they were given the chance of life. 

in a previous post, Vicki Collins aka scenesfromtheleft stated he thinks poor parents should abort their child because of ...something to the affect that he was poor growing up and no child should have to face that.. That is eugenics, that's not why the SC agreed to abortion. 

Abortion is not women's healthcare.. abortion is killing a baby. Babies suffer pain when their Bodies are covered in a saline solution to induce death, while their limbs are ripped off their bodies and their heads are crushed in.

They are no longer rare and far between. They are aborting babies for convenience and selfish reasons. Their body parts are even harvested for resale. Some are still alive yet left to die with doctors not administering any aid to the baby. 

Vicki has said before he doesn't like children ... his views on abortion shows it. 


             Partial-Birth Abortion Procedure With Real Instruments - Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Video



User Comments

Adoption is an option 

Marriage is an option 

raising your child is an option 

taking responsibility is an option 

I think we've reached a point where most advocates for abortion are really just doing it because they know the political right hates it. They're aware of options, but they choose death.

Nice 2 see ya Drjojo


You are spot on, Scottanon! They have a Pavlov bell they ring when they want their activists to kick it into gear. All of their rabid minions don't even consider the consequences of abortion on demand. 

You sure would be an asset on here with the current events. It's a shame we've lost so many voices. 

If I were to go anon... I could be jojo-anono 😎 

Excellent JoJo... you nailed it. Vic doesn't care that his arguments don't hold up, he's just that far gone. Somehow a liberal's failures and bad choices always become our fault, God's fault, societies fault... everyone's fault and responsibility but theirs. 

Liberals reward, support and fund every failure in society and turn it into a movement that they expect the rest of us to pay for, and if we don't, in their view, we should be exterminated.

What we see today from the left today is a page right out of NAZI Germany.

You are absolutely right! 

Abortion activists don't want women to hear the heartbeat of the baby or see a real life growing in the womb that's shown in sonograms...that would humanize the baby....  they want to stab it and flush it...l And make money off it. 

And, something that is never brought up lest you be called a conspiracy theorist but... Since Roe v Wade 62 MILLION abortions... are there instances where an aborted baby is born alive and tossed in the corner like trash to die, that not a single instance exists where someone took that baby home for whatever purpose... ? I could guess and I'd probably be low.

Abortions this year WORLDWIDE

Several states have gone years without providing data for the CDC report, including California — the most populous in the nation — which hasn't reported abortion figures since 1998.

As I recall Bill Gates funded fruitful research into programmable birth control.

Which can be a function of that bio-chip.

Sterility for all until authorities say a (woman?) has eearnedlicenseefor a conception.   Which mostly solves the abortiin issue so long as en-vitro, etc. discards aren't included.

...you lost me. 

Mandatory Programable birth control implants means virtually impossible to conceive wirhout approval from Authorities.  

Mandateing The Jab for social good sets precident for mandating programable birth control to virtually eliminate abortion

Now that makes sense. They must see the writing on the wall since abortions have been slowly dwindling. 

Birthrates would fall off a cliff.  As they say, a whole lotta kids are the result of "failed birth control"  And it would be so simple for Authorities to screen propective mothers' genetics - most of that's in place.


Bill Gates approved.

This method takes a certain amount of patience.... 

According to the amount of abortions this year alone... it's more than most populations of all the countries in the world. Only 45 countries have a larger population than the amount of abortions this year. 


Between Covid and eugenics... the weakest among us will be wiped out. 

That's the plan... the elimination of dead weight and the undesirables/unwanted... then the dead can vote democrat.

Yep.. they are having a hard time hiding it now. Some of Obama's czars or their family members wrote about supporting eugenics, if I remember correctly. Lord, all the bad stuff we warned about are mainstream now. 

It's amazing how right we've been all along... as they lied about their intentions. obamacare death panels... today a reality, just as we predicted. 

Our young people need to know the FACTS about abortion... and that's exactly what the pro-abortion faction doesn't want. 

Abortion is the taking of a human life PERIOD... the left always calls things something else, like a woman's right. The baby has no say in it.

Abortions were supposed to be rare and few between. Now, it's an entire political action movement. They make women believe they would be better off... that's a slap in the face to what women are totally capable of doing. It's actually anti-feminist. 

LIES surround abortion. Rape and incest are always brought up as a good reason for abortions, yet reporting the names of perpetrators of those crimes aren't a requirement. Why is that? The woman's right to privacy? OR, the fact that the true figures would show that the majority of abortions are performed for convenience. 

I could have had my morning coffee without so much gaul in it but I decided to read this post. And that's what abortion is -- a bitter pill to swallow. We murder our children without so much as a feeling of remorse. In fact, many use it as an alternate form of birth control because they're too lazy or too stupid to use a condom or take a pill. The problem is, they've convinced our young people that babies are just a "clump of cells" and that they don't matter until they get big enough to survive on their own. And Californians don't even consider them worth saving if they are. 

I totally agree! The activists have dehumanized the fetus just like they are now trying to dehumanize anyone whose against their agenda. History has proven that doesn't end well. 

{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif} I agree 



Being, Doing, Living Love and Loving Is The Most Useful Anti-Evil Force In Human Reality

We sure need more love 

You got it, right on! {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}


Wow... that video!

Not that I ever supported abortion in any form anyway.   It just illustrates how barbaric we have become.   

Two of my grandchildren came via parents that most would have said shouldn't have kids.  I'm so grateful they did!  My oldest son and his wife ended up adopting my grand daughter when it became apparent that the parents needed more time to get their lives in order.  My grandson's daddy was able to pull himself together and is doing a great job. 

I always felt that abortion was a permanent solution to a temporary problem.   People are so quick to think that abortion is the answer.   Of course it doesn't help that the folks at PP are highly skilled at promoting and selling their 'solution'.

Babies that could survive birth are being murdered for no reason during live birth abortions. I don't see how any doctor could be ok with that. 

That's good about your grandson being well taken care of during difficult times. It makes a huge difference for a child. My son took in his ex-girlfriends son last year. She was an unfit mother and her family was going to put the boy in a group home. He called my son and asked if he could live with him. So, we gained a new "grandson" in the process. He hasn't been any problem whatsoever. 

I agree with your last paragraph... 

For the last two days, my phone has had information on it of two different mothers going before the school board about books that is in the school library about having anal sex, and oral sex. NOW why on earth should our kids be reading this and worse of all finding it right at their fingertips in the school librarty??? 

Is this another way of cutting down on population by having this kind of sex. Now this wasnt necessarily between gays, one who wrote the one book, is reliving a pedifile exerience with a ten year old boy. Sickening, sickening, sickening. I am fired up about this crap pushed on our kids. 

In fact, the school board cut the mic on one woman and the other woman someone tried to overtalk her. She let them have it then. She told them she would in fact , get her time on there and the longer someone tried to over speak her, she would continue to talk until her time was up. She was not backing down. Both these mothers were parents who took the time to explore to see what their children wre being taught... MORE parents NEED to get INVOLVED in the KIDS lives and the SCHOOL should not be teaching any kind of sex education . In my opinion this should be done by their parents. 

You are spot on Wendi! 

I have two tabs open right now about that very school board meeting.  It is unbelievable. I planned on posting the links here. It's embarrassing even to me, but people need to know what's going on in our schools. 

 You are right. We are in the fight for our lives and our future . These kids cant do this , we as adults need to research and teach ourselves. Educate.

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