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Live Arizona election audit results

Added: Friday, September 24th 2021 at 12:20pm by drDrjojo
Category: News & Issues

Crap, I had my post written and went to get another link to include and my post went poof.

I have other topics I want to post but I had a death in my family and I put the posts on hold. 

I haven't followed any of the Arizona election audit but I do want to hear the final results 

here's a link to Rumble for those who don't use YouTube 





User Comments

I do think there was enough fraud to sway the election in Biden's favor. Biden is the worst President ever and anyone who did vote for this jackass should be ashamed . 


I am all for election integrity regardless. 

I'm sure Democrats are smiling at what DIDN'T show up....


It's long, but interesting. I hope democrats don't use the results to find more ways to hide fraud. 

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}

I think it's time to update all voter lists and have voter ID. 

Did yoou catych the news last night? 

After all the re-count, Biden still won in Arizona.  This is after Counting ALL the votes casted.  Meaning every single one of the Ballots that were origionally counted after the middle of the night added in ballots while the counters went home, and resumed the counting the next morning.

Arizona and their voting system is run by the McCain MAFIA.


Gee, there's a whole shitload of deleted files. 

Yep... where's Hillary? 

She was obviously a consultant. 

Suicide by car, then semi, then a 4x4...

Lol Maw Clinton don't need no stinking guns 😎


FRAUD by design!!!


Oh I'm sure that was an accident... {#ehh-well.gif}


Watch the bodies start piling up.

We KNEW the democrats would do ANYTHING to win... and they did.

It's scary to know Blogster log-ins are more secure than Maricopa election servers. Shared passwords, no ips listed.... antivirus not updated before the election.. etc. 

Only the democrats can claim incompetence as a legitimate excuse and get away with it... then get promoted.

This is but one county... democrats know how to skirt the law. That's why so many lawyers are democrats 

...one county in ONE STATE.

Exactly. Mail in Ballots, ballot harvesting and poor chain of custody leads to fraud.. and that's before the corrupt election works get their hands on the ballots and machines. 

Felony convictions are a plus for dem candidates, so why not all the way down the chain. 

You know what amazes me is that Biden was the best they could do , which it made it all the more unbelievable that he would win this election. 

He stayed in his basement KNOWING he'd already won the election before the first vote was counted.

 Yes and how much of a thrill is that? In knowing, well... I already won... nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.... like a little kid>>> Him and all those big headed liberals are disgusting.

The media failed ... they covered up for Sleazy scambag Joe and his pathetic excuse for a son and his other corrupt family members. 

 I think affairs and sleazyiness has been going on for awhile. BUT it wasnt as in the open until the Clintons came along, it seemed that he had all these victims and everyone just looked the other way. NOW with the Bidens crimes, no one seems to care but us... What happened to his laptops. I thought they had Biden and him there, but they didnt.  No wonder this country is so full of crime.

Our judicial system has been corrupted by the democrats, as well. Trump has been falsely accused of things that Biden and the democrats have actually done! We are now officially a banana republic... we are no different than third world countries ... and we are actually more in debt than the poorest countries in the world. Democrats still keep throwing our taxpayer money around like it grows on trees because they don't give a damn ... it's a spending spree addiction and a power grab at our expense ... everyone's pockets are greased and we are stuck with the bill.  

AND they are still putting more strain on the taxpayers by allowing all of these unvaxed illegals in this country then firing citizens from their jobs if they arent vaxxed or jabbed. How stupid is this???

It makes no sense, therefore it's great for democrats...

super spreaders are only right winger events ... we all know that!

Mask rules are only for peons, not the elites. 

illegals are the backbone of America. They get to fly for free all over America. They earned that right because of a poem on the Statue of Liberty and RACISM. 

 Yes, they will abide by that poem but yet wont abide by the Bible.

You know everything thing that was right, that we learned has now been turned upside down and turned into wrong... We were taught, it doesnt matter if you win the game, all that matters is how you play the game.

We were taught that crime doesnt pay... Well... ask a liberal and they will tell you that crime does pay, if they were being honest with you.

Work for what you get, this world owes us nothing... tell that to the welfare mothers.

It is your duty to fight for this country... Now, this country is being given away, by crooked politians.


I paint all democrats with the same broad brush as I do Joe. They are right there with him destroying our county. 

Our country does have problems.. the problems are located in democrats controlled cities and states. They create the problems they bitch about and then elect a damnEd corrupupt brain dead sleaze ball to make matters worse. There's big bucks and power to be made in crying racism if you're a democrat... 

AMEN to what you just said.

I couldn't watch either video, but I've seen a few others on the subject.   Meanwhile, mainstream news Continues to lie, lie, lie...

It was a livestream so that's why yo can't see the video now. If democrats and nevertrumpers don't have anything to hide, why are they so hell bent on audits? We've seen how democrats operate, they more fingers they wag at us, the more guilty they are of wrongdoings 

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