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Two Different Shows, Two Different Stages, and Football

Added: Monday, January 18th 2010 at 3:25am by donnamg
Related Tags: theater, concert, sports, events

I love live performances and enjoy just about any opportunity to see a show live and on stage.  There was a time in my life when I would see a half-dozen to a dozen live performances a year, while in more recent times, I may have only gotten to see one or two shows per year.  Matter of fact, there was actually a dry spell when I didn't see any plays, concerts, comedy shows, or anything live.  Ironically, even though 2009 was such a turbulant year for me and has already paved a rough path for 2010, I was lucky in the sense that I got to see a few live performances.  Sure, there were the various choir concerts before the holidays that I got to see and enjoy, and I count them in with the other live shows I saw.  There was the RI Philharmonic's Pop Concert, too, that I saw at the end of the summer and already wrote about.  And, of course, there was A Chorus Line, which Edie and I went to see earlier in the year and STILL talk about.  I not only wroteabout that, but also about Cabaret, which we went to see right after the summer.  However, I/we attended three other live events last year, all in the month of November.


Going to the Providence Performing Arts Center to see RENT was our anniversary gift to each other and it was as tremendous a show as we had anticipated.  For those who may not have seen it or are not familiar with the story, RENT is one of the most influential and popular Broadway plays in recent history that was later made into a movie.  The Tony Award-winning musical is actually based on Puccini's La Boheme, but "modernized" as it tells of the lives of artists struggling to survive and create in New York's lower East Side.  Despite all the tragedy the characters endure, the story emphasizes the importance of community, family, friendship and love.  We had wonderful seats, just slightly to the side of center stage and about sixteen rows back, so we could see and hear everything so well.  And, what a thrill it was to see original Broadway cast members Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in the lead roles.



Two nights later, we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The tickets were an early Christmas present from my brother.  As you can tell from the pictures (sorry that they're a little blurry, but the videos came out perfectly clear) and the limited number of heads in the way, we had excellent seats.  This show, this concert was so good that neither Edie or I could come up with any word that describes the whole experience, except for the way-too-over-used word "awesome"...but, in this case, we really, really, really were in awe.  The music, the lights, the effects, the various moods that were set, the interaction with the audience, the perfect crowd, the immense intensity of the experience were awesome.  The Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), which originated in NYC, by the way, is by far one of the most elaborate concert bands in the world, known for incorporatingprogressiverock,symphonicmetal, heavy metal, and classical music influences in a full light and pyrotechnic show that is synchronized with the music.



And, then there was that late November Sunday afternoon...Edie and I went to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, to see the New England Patriots play the New York Jets.  The tickets were given to us by a friend who was going to be out of town and unable to attend the game.  It was a bit chilly, but far from being cold, and the roundtrip walk between where we parked the car and the stadium seemed to take almost as long as the game.  We had a great time munching hotdogs and drinking beer, seeing all the lights and screens, eyeing the cheerleaders every now and then, and, of course, watching the game.  The Patriots and the Jets are true rivals, so the game had an added level of excitement and, I'm happy to say, the Patriots won the game, 31-14.

Wow!  What a month!  Two shows, two different stages, and football!




User Comments

WOW, you are busy. :)

We really were busy.  Funny thing is, we didn't know it was going to be.  All we had and knew about were the tickets for RENT.  On the same day as that performance, my brother called me and told me to print out the tickets for the TSO concert ("Merry Christmas", he said).  Then, the next morning, I got the call from my friend asking if we would like the tickets to the game.  So, it was like "suddenly out of nowhere" that we were doing so much.

LOL, that seems to be the way it goes sometimes. All or nothing. :) Glad you found the time to do it all.

What wonderful pics! There is something about seeing a show live that doesn't at all compare with on screen. I have and always will admire and enjoy hearing about all the energy you put into having a life in which you make time for fun no matter what things could get you down if you let them.

Thanks, Gwen.  There are so many things that do get me down and I struggle with that all the time.  However, I also strive to have a more positive attitude, find the time and means to enjoy myself whenever I can, and to try to be encouraging and helpful to those in need.  I also do like to smile, so I try to give my smiles to as many people as possible.

You certainly do a good job on all of that Donna!

They look and seem like a great time was had by all!

All good, all fun.

Your avatar is too dark--I want to see your face!!!  :O)

I didn't like Rent--saw it on stage twice and then the movie--I would rather see La Boheme--Rent was TOO LOUD for this old man!  LOL

The one thing I hate about being poor is that I am not seeing shows--except for ACL last February I ahve only been to the theatre once and I miss it--here, even amatuer theatres are asking $30-$40 for a ticket not to mention the $90 touring companies are getting. I ahve to settle for PBS to see Broadway shows which are nothing like seeing them 'LIVE" but better than nothing!  LOL

I absolutely love, love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, love, love RENT!  Can you tell that I like it?  Can you tell that it's one of my faves?  Can you tell that I wouldn't hesitate to see it again?  I happen to like loud and, if something is going to portray what something is in a certain time, location, style, it's best to do so in the proper way...loud, modern, and some say vulgar rather fits, I think.

A Chorus Line came after a bit of long dry spell for me and I never expected to see any other shows.  Cabaret was a fluke (I saw an ad for $10 tickets) and Rent, well, we both really wanted to see it, had a little spare money at the time, and felt we both deserved it after having such a rough year of it.  Right now, I can only HOPE to see more shows in the future because the certainty of it is far from imaginable.

Oh, and I'll be changing the avatar soon...so you can see my face. {#blush.gif}

Matter of fact, there was actually a dry spell when I didn't see any plays, concerts, comedy shows, or anything live.  Ironically, even though 2009 was such a turbulant year for me and has already paved a rough path for 2010.

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