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Various Computer Difficulties...

Added: Friday, September 22nd 2017 at 9:28am by diskdriverepair

My daughter's wileyfox swift got into a boot loop. optimising apps then starting again. USB debug had not been enabled and nothing had been backed up. . Wileyfox tech support suggested it was due to an incompatibility between Cyanogen 12 and the latest Facebook update. They pointed me to the download files to apply the OTA updates to Android 7 via recovery mode; which I attempted, but this resulted in it getting less far in booting. I then tried using Fast Boot to flash the system image, but that did not help. Finally I tried to fastboot install twrp. This has resulted in the ability to start in fastboot mode, but not in recovery mode. My daughter really needs her contacts, photos, sms's and whatsapp media recovered. Have you any idea how much a recovery is likely to cost?

The drive power light comes on for a few seconds but then goes off. I am unable to access anything on the drive. The drive has been tested on data recovery software without sucess

External hard drive droped from a box, about 10 cm height, so the damage shoudln't be too big but it doesn't get recognised by my laptop. initially made some clikcing noise, but no more, and stopped trying since it may cause more damage. 2TB external disk.

iPhone 6, lost all data after failed update and simultaneous iTunes update so no iTunes backup available. Most contacts and notes were on iCloud or Exchange so I could retrieve them, but not my camera roll, and I had thousands of memories there! Tried various iPhone recovery software apps but all fail to find these images.

My computer was stuck in windows10 repair loop and the drive was clicking. I took to a local shop but they couldnt fix or retrieve data. So I picked up hard drive and sent to fields data recovery… who sent me a list of files…but it appeared none of the files were mine and the local shop had given me the wrong drive

I work for Mobylife AS in scandinavia and I have a mobile phone mainboard I need some data recovered (mainly SMS/text messages and call log).
The mainboard is dead but the flashmemory is not affected and working. The board is from a Samsung Galaxy S7.
The mainboard will be sent to you without the phone, only the PCB/mainboard.

I have been given your details by an IT specialist friend of mine in Leicester who was unable to help. The notebook is an Apple note book computer (dating, I think, from around 2010). I have not got the password as the previous owner is diseased and did not give me the password. I am one of the two executors of the will and believe that he would have wished me to have access to the computer to secure his writing (poems, short stories etc) for posterity and also to find a copy of the will – the paper copy of which appears to have been removed from his house.

My double-ended USB/USB-C stick suddenly says that it cannot be read when I insert it into my MacBook, and I think there is an important bit of data on it..

Knocked my WD 1TB hard disk drive in to the floor from the kitchen table yesterday and now I cannot access the files.

This is for a seagate m3 portable 1tb ssd. There is no clicking or buzzing (its an ssd). Hard drive was knocked, but previous to this it was taking 5min+ to appear in finder/destop. I've tried to connect the drive on 3 different macs.

I have a samsung s7 edge. The screen has gone due to it being smashed and the phone has gone off but i have pictures of my child on there. Are you able to recover photos and videos?

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