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Two Ways To Backup Your Data

Added: Monday, October 27th 2014 at 7:34am by diskdriverepair

For most of us, the word 'backup' signifies a chore, that's why many of us don't do it, but we should and here's why:

There are two main ways of backing up data

1. Most organisations can backup using the facilities in Windows Small Business Server (SBS) as it is the best server system that runs under windows. This server is made for more than twenty five users and has access to cloud connection. You can protect all the data from being hacked by storing in one of the clouds. You will also be able to keep a back-up in the internal or external hard drives.

2. Another more common way is to use an external hard drive, like the ones you see for sale in your local shops. These are boxes that contain hard drives and connect to your computer using a USB cable - you then simply drag and drop what you want to preserve to your external hard drive, thus making a copy of it, or you install some software which automates the backup process and replicates your data across to your external hard drive.

WD MyBook hard drive An example of an external USB hard drive that can be used for backup is the Western Digital Elements hard drive. A popular size is 2TB and the portable version uses a small amount of power that it takes from the USB cable that plugs into the computer, so the USB cable handles both the data transfer and the power. You just connect one of these Western Digital hard drives to your USB port on your computer and follow the onscreen instructions. It's that easy.

Using the software supplied with most external hard drive to backup your files is the best way to keep your data safe. A computer crash can happen at any time, therefore if you should always make efforts to back your data up. A hard drive crash where the data on the hard drive isn't backed up requires you to locate a data recovery specialist skilled in external hard drive recovery - for Western Digital hard drive recovery we recommend http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-external-disk/ as a company that not only has good customer reviews for its data recovery service but also repair hard drives and mobile phones too.

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