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Funky Festival Fashion or Festival Faux Pas

Added: Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 9:14am by designerwear2u

Each year we are bombarded with the latest trends in music festival fashion but do we really like it or are we just so eager to be cool we'll wear anything? Do men actually feel comfortable in jeans so skinny they cut off all blood flow to below the knee?

 We don't think so! Even good old Blighty gets some sunshine and when your jumping around to Black Eyed Peas or rocking out to Kasabian this year surely you don't want to be so hot you might pass out. Stick on some long shorts we say and get those pasty legs some sun. Plus combat styles are great for holding your beer money leaving you free to "put your hands up in the air!"

EA7 Shorts Available HERE

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