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Whither a video?

Added: Thursday, October 29th 2020 at 2:32am by deckhand
Related Tags: video, canada

Why is it, I wonder, why Blogster has never introduced a video upload feature?

Just about everybody is doing video these days, including of course TikTok, but also Instagram and Facebook and well, duh, YouTube.  Even Wordpress has video now.

I recorded a pretty interesting news story last night on CTV (the non-public broadcast channel in Canada) and had hopes of sharing it here but ........ nope.

Ain't gonna happen.

User Comments

Certainly no upgrades coming to Blogster, says ZenofKen.. 

You can't upload to Youtube and then share here?

I thought about that, but uploading to YouTube takes forever.


Other people here seem to be able to post videos. At the very least you could post an IP address that would take them there. 

I looked. Don't see it.

Don't think that's what he's talking about. The Youtube widget isn't the same thing. If you remember how Multiply had video upload feature? I think that's what he's looking for.

This has nothing to do with youtube addys. He was asking about being able to UPLOAD a video, not LINK to one.

Good lord!

OMG. Another someone who remembers Multliply.
Yup. That's exactly what I would like.

There are no words for how dense you are.

Uploag to YouTube and then post here.

Just to clarify: I know that I can post links to YouTube or TikTok.
That means hosting the video on YouTube servers and subject to the vagaries of YouTube's ridiculous Terms of Service, which I've already had dozens of run-ins with. 
I would just like Blogster to host videos here, just like Multiply did and Facebook does now.


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