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When you hitch your fortunes to a crippled wagon, don't expect to win a race

Added: Friday, October 30th 2020 at 4:02pm by deckhand
Related Tags: oil, canada
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

When former Canadian PM Stephen Harper spoke at Davos in 2012 (?... it might have been 2011. Time flies.) he touted the strong Canadian economy, even as the world generally was still facing fallout from the 2008 Bush economic implosion.
Oil prices were high and the Alberta tarsands (Harper is Albertan) had bolstered the federal bottom line and the Canadian banking sector wasn't linked to sub-prime fiascos the same way American banks were.
Because he had tied himself so completely to the oil patch, when oil prices took the inevitable plunge and took the Canadian economy -- and Bay Street banks -- with it, Harper was conspicuously silent.
Ditto the Alberta government.

Then-Premier Ed Stelmach ignored climate change warnings and economic predictions of peak oil and forged ahead. His successor, Alison Redford did the same.
Albertans even complained that they were paying more than their fair share of Transfer Payments to the Federal treasury.
Now that oil is tanking, pipelines are stalled, and the economy is in freefall, now-Premier Jason Kenney complains loudly that he's not getting the support or respect (or pipelines) Alberta deserves. And that Alberta needs a Transfer Payments bailout.
It's amazing how the shoe-on-the-other-foot syndrome changes one's attitude.
The TransMountain pipeline is stalled, the Energy East pipeline faces resistance from Quebec, the Northern Gateway pipeline faces problems crossing First Nations land in BC and the last great hope for any relief at all is Keystone XL.
Poor Jason.

He has the misfortune of being leader of a landlocked province locked into a carbon-extraction economy and who lacks the vision of transforming the province from carbon to renewable energy. He had hoped Trump would be his savior. And now those hopes look dashed.

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That pipeline thingamabob here in America...can't remember the name of it...

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