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Sterling Silver Fish Ring

Added: Sunday, December 9th 2007 at 9:04pm by debbiepng
Related Tags: shopping
Probably a sterling silver fish ring is the right Christmas gift for Wilson.

I've got this inspiration from looking at this page.

Wilson keeps 3 aquariums! Shocking, isn't it? He is probably the person most passionate about keeping fishes of all the people I know. One of his aquariums  keeps salt water fishes from the sea. By the way, those three aquariums do not include his turtle pets.
Looking at this page reminds me of his collection of aquatic creatures. Except that he does not keep sharks and whales, yet. LOL.

He even has starfishes, sea shells and sea horses in his sea water aquarium.

Wilson is already wearing jewelry that reflects this hobby of his. I just don't think he picks jewelry very well.

It may just take a girl to help him pick out a very nice sterling silver fish ring.

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