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Alison Moore Designs

Added: Friday, December 16th 2016 at 3:33am by deathmath63sycfyo

A piece of true artisan-quality jewelry is creative and fresh, with unique design and craft elements that make it stand out. Lost wax casting is one of the few things we are not doing ourselves as we don't have the space or time for it. It takes a few days to get our silver castings and it is always very exciting to unpack them because even though they are identical to the waxes, they still somehow appear different once they are made of silver.

Isle Of Raasay Silver Wire Designs Handmade Jewellery was WINNER of the International Fashion Designers - Rising Star Competition Handcrafted Jewelry Category and has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. There is also a choice of different precious metals; white gold, yellow gold, red gold, platinum, palladium and silver. The silver rings and silver bracelets will become the beloved item you won´t leave the house without. Once the jewellery is assembled, everything gets polished by hand as we love perfect finishes. The jewellery store boasts a large range of accessories - earrings, rings, bracelets, and unique items of turquoise, opal and amethyst in many different styles. Or even thousands of pieces in their designs to create lines for wholesale clients. Lizzie has been designing and making jewellery for approximately 12 years, working predominately in silver and she is now moving into gold. Thesematerials allow me to make handmade sterling silver jewelry and much more.

So don't delay - browse through the selection available on Australia's preferred silver jewellery store online and buy quality silver jewellery that you will enjoy wearing every day. The most sophisticated piece of sterling silver jewelry by Serendipity at PASAR is the handmade finger cuffs. In The Silverpot jewellery store in Nicosia you will find a rich selection of the highest standard handmade silver jewellery. Even so, the modern design of the sterling silver rings and bracelets make them a great upgrade for casual streetwear styles too. Our handmade silver and gold jewellery pieces come on a variety of chains, carefully selected to show the design at its best. His one of a kind creations are sold both wholesale and retail from his two store locations in central Ubud.

Bespoke, Specially made or custom jewellery - The advantage of buying custom contemporary silver jewellery and going direct to the designer is that if you have something special in mind that cannot be found on the high street you can request it to be made to your specification or you can give the designer an idea of the event or person you are buying for and trust the design to the expert.

Quality is important which is why my work is hallmarked by The London Assay Office in accordance with the hallmarking act. Our jewellery pieces are personally selected so you are purchasing carefully handcrafted items made by jewellery artisans across the globe. We take pride in only selling the highest quality solid precious metal Silver so that you can buy with confidence. After the casting, the jewellery are rough and dull, so they need to be renovated, which means removing traces of the casting, and that they are grinded and polished on the surface.

Now at The Silverpot jewellery shop in Nicosia you can buy luxury silver rings, earrings, bracelets decorated with precious stones, as well as silverware and even icons. All of our handmade silver jewellery is contemporary in design and utterly unique. Never hesitate to land your choice on silver jewelry whether you're intending to buy new pieces of jewelry or just to expand your collections! Welcome to Vanessa Plana … handmade silver jewellery, created with love in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. All purchases are packaged in sumptuous velvet jewellery boxes and pendants come ready to wear with complimentary sterling siver chains. There are currently 86 product pages of jewelry for sale in the online shop directory filled with a wealth of over 1700 handmade jewellery gifts for her with a great selection of necklaces.

The wax is solid and hard, so she works her way into the wax to find the shape of each piece of jewellery. You're also able to express your identity and personality through silver jewelry. Our philosophy is that jewellery should be beautiful, meaningful, and effortless to wear.

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