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riddles for your mind

Added: Monday, April 26th 2010 at 4:11pm by darkday396

113 Responses Created by darkday396 on April 26, 2010


how many months have 27 days

  • all of them
  • 1


a butcher is six feet tall with shoe size 9. what does he weigh

  • meat
  • 599 pounds


the person who makes dosent need it, the person who boys it does not use it, the person whos using it doesn't know they are using it, what is it

  • coffin
  • floor

User Comments

You must have a lot of time on your hands and be very bored!

now that i saw the one i missed i understand it, lol. good quiz, :) its a brain teaser.

ok the coffin riddle was funny but really you need to get out more..lol

Oh I get it......... Coffin 1 waz funny!{#happy2.gif}{#iagree.gif}

loved the quiz


VEry cool :)

too easy! :P

The person who boys it?

I'm guessing that was buys

=] i liked this one

Good concept. You need more options for answers and proofread before you publish.

33% correct i am

fun stuff. I like these.

not ALL  months have 27 days though o.O

I got it too...

Hooray! Got all right this time! Like this one :)

Yay! Got them all right on my first try.

100% lol :P

i got one right......

good :)


I got them all~

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