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Added: Thursday, December 4th 2014 at 9:30am by dancer0805014

18 Responses Created by dancer0805014 on December 4, 2014


What is the definition of a relationship to you ?

  • In my opinion the definition of a relationship to me is , two people that have so much in common, and they have this bond that nobody could ever break, or understand it. Where they do things together , and they understand one another when nobody else does!

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Relationships... so many different types to analyze.  casual, hostile, imtimate, love, soulmate, mother/child, friends, close friends, barely speaking, professional and so on..... so define just one seems to cheat the others.. but, the above is true for close.


Relationship is great feeling and its a great way to find great and right person in our life.. when i was looking for a rich men for date, i got a great website that is suggeted by my friend Millionaire Dating Site - I created a profile on the site after couple of weeks i met my dream life partner

why is this a quiz?

Because quizzes are fun!

AH!!! A relationship to me is, two people are together by destiny, and they share sorrows and laughs together. Everyday they struggle together for life and they share experiences each other till death.

According to me relationship(love) is about joining the broken halfs together. Well, i wanted share some thing about relationship and it is very interesting. I think, you may about Plato- a greek philosphor,mathematician....other things. He had given a definition of sex, where he tells a story during the time of greek gods. The story starts like this, there was creature with two heads, four hands ,four legs and opposite sex organs. Zeus got felt jealous of this creature because it was more vigilant due to two heads, it do many works at ime due to its four hands, it was able walk long distances because of four legs and ultimately it can satisy its sexual needs because of its two opposite organs. Thus it was very happy. Zeus then had cut the creature into two halfs and creation of men and women was done. Plato explains that sex is act where two bodies become one body and two souls are embodied into one soul.

Yes it is true that 2 hearts beat as one 2 minds think as 1 bone of my bone flesh of my flesh. God took a bone from adam and he made eve that is the true fact.

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