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Review: HTC Wildfire S

Added: Friday, June 15th 2012 at 11:30am by danathezombie

I normally don't review phones, but I thought I'd try something new :)

I got this phone a few months ago with Virgin Mobile. It's grey and is sort of small.

This phone has a camera, voice and video recorder, has swype keyboard option, and it is an Android phone.

My first opinion was that it was awesome. I really liked it because it was faster than my previous phone and it over all had better features.

I had downloaded a few apps.. Angry Birds, twitter, facebook, zedge, and task killer. I noticed that it started to run slowly, and when I would try to view my pictures in the gallery, it wouldn't let me because my storage was low. So I kept having to delete all of my texts and restart my phone. I ended up deleting angry birds right away because it was so slow.

After about a month, it did it all of the time. I wasn't able to get texts because I didn't have enough room, so I undid the updates on twitter and facebook, then I logged out of both of them. That seemed to work.

It takes nice pictures and videos.

It still is a great phone, I just am not able to go on facebook or twitter any more on it.

If you don't mind not being able to have very many apps, this is a good phone.

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