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Miche purse review

Added: Saturday, June 9th 2012 at 5:56pm by danathezombie
Related Tags: handbags, reviews, opinion

A few months ago, my mom and I went to a miche purse party and she bought me one. I got the smaller purse called petite, one shell, and the extra long straps. The shall was "Dora." It's a light green/yellow and black plaid and it's really cute. I don't have a problem with the looks of the purse base or shell or straps, it all looks good, but by looking at the bag, it looks bigger than what it really is. What I have in there: my wallet, a pack of gum, a few regular sized lip balms, and a 3 inch mirror. That's all that fits. Nothing else. It's pretty frustrating. Also, when ever I go anywhere, my shell falls off. It happens if it bumps anything, if I swing it over my shoulder too fast, or even if I just pick it up wrong. It happens on both sides, so it's not just a problem with one of the magnets.

My opinion: Don't waste your money one one.

User Comments

Sounds like a really cute purse that is not at all practical.  Which makes it a really stupid purse and/or fashion accessory...depending on how you view your purse.

It's really cute, it just isn't made well. :)

I have a problem with pocketbooks. I never buy an expensive one and always have one until it starts looking ragged, then I go spend $20-30 and get another.  I love a big one, but then I end up putting everything in it but the kitchen sink....so last time I got a smaller one...and I have such a hard time because I can't put everything in it I "need." [I often wonder how men live without carrying around all the stuff I put in a purse..LOL]

I think what is perfect that I'll look for next time is a medium sized one, but with dividers and little zip pockets. I just need some organization. Not so big that things get lost, but not so little I have to take everything I've crammed into it to find what I'm looking for.  Ugh!

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