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She Saved My Life

Added: Saturday, April 12th 2014 at 4:36am by damnpamn
Category: Photos

This is my friend, Sharon Ball. She saved my life one day. I have told many people this story and she gets embarrassed but she deserves recognition for what she did for me that day. I was having problems with my heart. I went to the emergency room. Usually when I go to the ER they move me to the front of the line. This was one day when I could not get anyone to notice me and I was so weak and dizzy that I could not talk. I could not breathe. Sharon saw me. She knew immediately how serious the situation was. SHE RAISED HOLY HELL UNTIL A NURSE CAME FORWARD. When the nurse saw me she took me straight to the back and they ended up keeping me for a few days. So thank you Sharon Ball for saving my life. Thank you too to the staff of CAMC who once they were aware of the problem kicked their lifesaving measures in place. But Sharon deserves the credit for getting them to notice me.

User Comments

Sharon Ball Thanks, Pam! I don't get embarrassed! I was just glad I was there that day. It was terrible of them not to notice you sitting there in distress! The fact that you were able to drive yourself and get in the hospital amazed me! I'm glad you are alright, and glad we are friends!

(comment posted from facebook)

Good lady to have on your side!

And  people wonder about the things that happen for a reason, why was she there just at that time? God does work in mysterous ways.

Exactly, Tess. Why was Bell there to save one of blogsters favorite members.

Wish more people would be like her...then this world would be a better place. So glad she was there for you.

Sometimes everything just falls into place. I am glad she was there for you when you needed her most.

Good thing she was there!

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