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My Pictures Don't Do It Justice

Added: Monday, November 18th 2013 at 1:56pm by damnpamn
Category: Photos


Upper Big Branch was the last Major Mining Disaster in West Virginia. This is also a monument to all fallen coal miners and it also gives the history of coal mining in the state.

Names of the twenty nine who died. Two men survived. One was able to return to work a couple of years later. The other will never work again because of his injuries.

Even though the memorial is wedged between the road and the creek (as everything is in southern West Virginia), there is a beautiful view.

Me - paying my respects. Eddie and I took the trip to see it today. I was surprised by the reverence that the site inspired.

User Comments

How sad . . . That seems like SUCH a scary, awful way to die . . . I am glad there is a memorial for them . . .

The men in this disaster were lucky.  They died quickly in the explosions.  There have been plenty of mining disasters where the miners lingered for weeks underground because no one could get to them.  That is why there is such a frenzy to get to them when something happens.

sad........glad people like you remember and pay them tribute.

Lovely blog. Google to hear Eddie is coming around again.

guess he heard my bitching...he started coming 3 days ago.  He just needed a break, I guess.  The best part is he didn't notice the hair cut - even when I said something{#flag.gif}

That would be ... Good to hear

Damn iPad.

It is nice that they have a memorial. That is a very risky job and as I understand it, not good for your health.

Love the hair, and Eddie for coming back around...  glad you went to pay your respects...

thank you {#looking_girl.gif}


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