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Added: Monday, June 3rd 2013 at 9:35am by damnpamn
Category: Photos

My mom was so proud of my sugar curl. She made it with a little bit of sugar every day.

This picture sat on my Granny Brennan's dresser for as long as I can remember. It is my brother, Billy and I when we were 2 and 3.

My favorite Childhood picture taken on the front porch of our house in West Logan, West Virginia. I was probably 4, Billy 3 and Rhonda 2. I used to sit in the tree in the backyard and eat peaches. I remember a flood. My mom says they carried us out of the house with the water coming up to the foot of our beds. My Raggedy Andy doll died in that flood.

2nd. Grade...Mrs. Mabry

3rd. Grade. I remember having this picture taken. My mom had tried to explain to me how to sit a little angled to the side the morning of the pictures (classic picture pose style). I misunderstood and when the photographer tried to pose me I INSISTED that my mom wanted me to sit sideways. I refused to have my picture taken any other way. I am not smiling because I thought that my smile wouldn't show up in the picture anyway.

4th. Grade in my favorite "Alice in Wonderland" dress. I ripped it on the giant gash in the slicky slide. If people would see their kids on that slide today they would have a heart attack but we figured out how to slide down in on the side where the giant gash wasn't. We are probably lucky we weren't shredded.

5th. Grade - Mrs. Ferrell. We used to play battling tops during recess. That was also the year that the last Vietnam prisoner of war came home (officially). We got in trouble for making P.O.S. signs. (prisoners of school)

6th. Grade. I was hard core into my book a day reading regimen.

8th. grade. I loved my new bangs haircut but nobody taught me how to style them. I wanted WINGS! I remember my 7th. grade music teacher telling me how much she liked my new haircut. It did wonders for my self esteem...something I badly needed.

9th. grade...it was horrible. I was an acne filled mess. I loved the outfit I'm wearing...it's back in style now.

10th. grade. I loved high school. I ran around with a group of girls and we called ourselves "the slut club". Nothing could have been further from the truth but it was our way of rebelling.

Senior Year for me. Billy was in the 10th grade and Rhonda in the 9th.

Beauty School 1985. I hated it from the very first day but I had moved and everything before I started it. I worked at it long enough to pay off my student loans and never did it again.

1987 at my in-law's house in Jeffrey, West Virginia with my husband, Bobby.

Family reunion at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Probably in the early 80's...with my husband, Bobby.

Vacation after a truck ran over my foot in 1989. Some of you may remember a blog about the "Great Crab Invasion". This is when that happened.

1993 - Bobby and I playing with our first litter of greyhound puppies

September 24, 1994. Our 13th. anniversary picture. If you had told me I would be leaving him forever just 4 months later I would have found it hilarious. I left my best friend behind forever that day.

1998 with Droid and her mother, Queenie. I was so glad to take a picture with them but of course my hair wouldn't "do right" that day.

Christmas 2003 with my dad, Bill Brennan and my granny, Elaine Brennan. He died in 2004 and she died in 2011.

2003 portrait with my mom. I told her I wanted a picture of her for my birthday. At first she gave me her usual answer, "when I lose the weight." I pointed out to her that she had been "going to lose the weight" for my whole life and there were no pictures of her. So she took the picture. It was a great birthday present.

2008 or 09. Pam and Kathy horsing around at Fruth. We were hired on the same day in May 2000.

Pam 2012

Pam 2013

Me! In my own mind for my whole life.

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VERY CUTE pictures!

{#apploud.gif}what an adorable blog!!  loved it!!!

i loved this, thanks for sharing it!

Awesome!  Thank you for sharing.

I really enjoyed this walk through your life. Thank you for sharing it. {#basic-smile.gif}

I love this blog.  Great pics, and a peek into your life.

Awesome pictures! Bet ya were th' only woman on crutches at th' beach that day, LOL!

great timeline and good memories!  loved seeing the phictures....

Very nice thanks for sharing.

How fun to get to walk down memory lane with you . . .

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