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Baby Steps

Added: Friday, April 18th 2014 at 5:35am by damnpamn

Spring has sprung and I started my fitness plan last week.  It isn't much of a plan really.  I am doing my best to do one lap around our building.  I can tell a difference after a week but my progress is still disappointing.  When I first walked around the building last week I had to rest more than 5 times and each rest was 5 to 20 minutes and I had to get on my oxygen when I finished.  It was terrible.

Today I rested 3 times and each rest was a minute or 2.  I didn't get on my oxygen at the end.  I also did a few other little things that added about another 1/2 lap on my walk.  So all around it was an improvement.  I have also had to keep my apartment inspection ready which is a whole another story.

How did I get in such terrible shape?

For those that don't know I have heart failure.  I also have COPD.  I've done pretty well taking care of myself but last summer I had emergency surgery to have my gall bladder removed.  It almost killed me.  I was fortunate that my nephew moved in with me and took care of me for 2 months.  After that he was forced to leave because I was going to lose my disability insurance if he kept living with me. But he had nursed me to the point that I was able to minimally take care of myself - and I do mean minimally.

I worked on getting stronger just by doing routine housework and errands. I have been keeping that stuff done but was not able to go out into the winter weather or add any exercise to the mix.  Just keep the house inspection ready because the landlord keeps putting up notices of inspection for the past 4 months!

Finally last week the weather became good enough for me to start my walking routine to get stronger.  So I'm working on it.  Right now my goal is to make a full lap around the building without resting.  Then I'll work on 2 laps and so on and so on....

Soon it will be summer and I can add swimming to my list.  I love to swim and went regularly except for last summer because of my gall bladder.

And that is how I got into this shape.  Right now every step is a struggle because of breathing issues. 

I am getting so TIRED of people commenting on my weight.  My weight fluctuates greatly because of fluid.  Within an hour yesterday I was told I was losing weight and that I had gained too much again and quit eating to lose it.  I would never walk up to someone and comment on their weight out of the blue if I did not know them really well and I don't understand why people who barely know me feel compelled to comment either way.  They don't want to hear that much of it is fluid and can vary by 10 pounds in just a day.  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

I also get the comment that I am too young to feel so bad.  WELL LET ME RUN AND INFORM MY DOCTORS THAT I'M TOO YOUNG TO HAVE THESE HEALTH ISSUES and to cure me. 


User Comments

don't get mad ~ get even.....  congrats on your progress...  I discovered last week that I need to improve my arm strength [along with everything else]....  got out those hand weights and I'm working on it....  go girl!{#cheerleader.gif}

well I hope you get where you want to be soon. keep up the good work.{#hello.gif}

People are rude and judgmental. I was shopping for a client and the store was having a buy one get 2 free offer on a brand of bread products which also included boxes of that brands cookies. She wanted a loaf of bread and 2 boxes of cookies for the neighbor kids who do odd jobs for her. 

I'm a size 16-18. Woman walked up to me and argued with me about the purchase of the cookies. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say to her. Guess the only exercise she gets is jumping to conclusions. 

I would have no problem telling that woman to kiss my ass and not be polite about it.  That's crazy.  But I know what you mean about being in shock.  In my case the person was nice about it and it was obvious she just wanted to try to help me so I was nice and tried to explain.  But she didn't believe a word of it.

It is nice of her to buy for the neighbor's kids.  I buy sweets for my nephew and give them to him to take home with him.  They don't tempt me at all and I rarely eat them. A cookie goes a long way for a reward for a job well done by a kid. {#flowre.gif}

She's a sweet 90 year old lady who can't afford to pay for the help she needs to stay in her own home. She's been adopted by a neighbor's children because they don't have any grandparents. She pays to have an aide (me) come in once a week to supervise her shower and shop for her. The kids do anything else she needs done. 

I was on duty in that store and it was obvious. Had scrubs on and my badge. Someone I know would have gotten an earful, but this just left me open mouthed. 

The difference between last week's walks with 5+ 5-20 minute rests plus oxygen and this week's 3 rests of a minute or two with no oxygen seems like a major improvement to me. Congratulations!  People who comment on another's weight are maybe too stupid to do otherwise...

Congrats on your walking!!! Keep it up...you'll come to crave it like I do. The winter here in WI was SO freakin' brutal we didn't do ANYTHING so I put back on 15 of the 21 pounds I'd lost. I can't wait to get back out there and bike and walk......You're doing GREAT for having the health issues you do so remember...I'll be walking here with you!

I think you are doing great. I always find it amazing how someone can put their noses into someone else's business. People that do the meddling ought to be prepared to get a tongue lashing. If they had common sense, they might also, figure that sometimes the meds that we take doesnt allow us to shed the pounds as quickly, our age is another factor. Yes, water retention does influence our weight loss.

that's been one of the big problems.  my fluid pills quit working.  I'm hoping I finally found a combo that works. The problem is now I'm cramping. So I can cramp (all over) or I can build up fluid and literally drown in myself.

Pretty soon you can walk to Starbucks for a low fat, soy, caffiene free, coffee.

I HATE coffee.  I'll have a full flavor Pepsi though. (my indulgence)

Well, that explains what's wrong with you. Coffee fixes everything. LOL

Like Irish, I see the improvement from beginning to now as quite a big one. Any time I've mustered the ambition to start walking (like I NEED to be doing NOW) I'm always surprised at how quickly it gets easier. I'm betting by this time next week you'll have made the lap without a rest.

It's a shame you're so nice - I'd have to tell some of those ignorant bitches that I might be fat, but they're ugly, and I can diet!

I so admire your determination!  I should do the same... try to improve my health and strength.  I don't have near the obstacles that you do, but I do have some.  I was thinking just this morning that there are still things I can do, and I should be doing them.  Thanks for your example!

That is a marked improvement, it wont be long before you can do the lap without stopping, well done

Attitude is half the battle and it sounds like you have the right one! Good luck!

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