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Added: Friday, September 16th 2016 at 6:57am by CydiaPie

Technology has made people crazy and eager to break through it. Whenever a new device is launched we usually try to goo beyond depth to know about its working, functions and techniques, last but not the least how it damages.  So far as the Apple technology is concerned, they have restricted the use of several applications into their store. This technology license the use of certain apps, but many websites and apps are launched which restrict the technology. Jail breaking is commonly slanging out with the I Devices.

Most of the people are eager to jailbreak their iPhone to access the third party or other applications not therein the app store. So, without any concern they jailbreak their phones. But some are there who want to get back anytime. Here arises the fact that jailbreak isn’t for everyone.   A number of them are desperate to know how to unjailbreak IOS 9.0.2 . You can stock back to your IOS by following simple steps for it:

1.     Simply move to iTunes and restore the back. Hence, the iPhone will get back all your apps which are their within the store and the others are not restored while the process.

2.     No special software to unjailbreak is required, just plug your phone into the computer and open up the iTunes.

3.      The process will succeed with a summary page on the screen which you have to restore.

4.      After this your iPhone will be completely wiped out from the unnecessary apps and phone will be updated to the latest version.

Even you can help out to shun the jailbreak IOS 7.0 1 and with the help of internet the IOS 7 lock screen themes can be flourished without any jailbreak option.

Right of the track you can browse the internet for downloading and getting tutorial for how to unjailbreak IOS 9.0.2. Show your love for the featured applications by demanding for the unjailbreak options to the Apple technology.

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