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The Frequency Illusion

Added: Tuesday, November 24th 2020 at 10:36am by CREATIVE14

Here's a video for MisterCox. He appears to be a big fan of mental quirks.

Incidently, its not "Bay der" its "Bar da" Meinhof.

Interesting video though, I feel

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Oh dear. This needs a listen when I'm in a listening mood. Bbl I hope. I hate the word "crespuscular" [always have] so that h8red alone probably will bring me back.

It is an awful word. Especially to describe something like twilight. I'd prefer something like solemuless.

Ok. Gave it a listen. Twice. He is clever, isn't he? Was helpful to me to see it/hear it. Thanks, lover!

No problems, Mister! He is a clever one.

Oh, I'm back again!

What the fellow in the vid says about the brain doing pattern recognition. Would that be The Meaning Of Life as per what a human is actually capable of? Recognizing patterns...and doing things with those patterns?


So I see. Welcome.

I doubt its the meaning of life. More a tool the brain uses to try to make sense of things. Recognising patterns seems to enable us to pre-empt things, see things coming quicker. Like when a cookie takes you to a website faster than if you'd never been there before.

So why does The Brain want to make sense of things?

Survival. The prime motive of all that exists that is living.


What happens/is not frequently but always?: you. Me. Others...

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