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Stop Accusing Fellow Blogster Users of Being Perverts, you Perverts!

Added: Friday, November 20th 2020 at 5:48am by CREATIVE14

In the short time that I have been here I have noticed a number of people making claims about other users being child abusers. They offer no evidence when making these claims, and are in my view really lowering the moral bar because they are effectively using THE RAPE OF CHILDREN as a tool to abuse others here. Pretty sick that. Weaponising child rape for their own PERVERSE purposes. But they can be stopped from behaving in such a foul way.

Because this is not only pathetic behaviour, it is also illegal and could land someone in jail for as much as a year. It is in a legal sense Defamation, and, whether expressed as an opinion or a statement of fact, is very much a criminal act.

So, if anyone has falsly accused you on Blogster of child abuse you should first contact the site admins who should then insist that the individuals who are breaking the law on their social site cease doing so, as such behaviour goes against Blogster's terms of Service. However, Blogster Terms of Service absolve Blogster from any responsibility for any illegal behaviour by service users. So you might not get the response that you should do. 

If that happens your next step should be to contact your local sherrif's office and provide them with snapshots and links of the offending material. Obviously the more such material you can provide the more likely the police will take the situation seriously. One or two vague insinuations might not hack it with busy law enforcers, but a concerted campaign of mis-information and abuse might be taken more seriously. so keep a diary and snapshot every false accusation made. Once you've provided significant evidence the police should then contact Blogster Admins and request the full contact details of the person who has committed defamation, then forward that information to the defamer's local sheriff's office and they should then begin an investigation into that person's online behaviour. Amongst other things they will seize that person's computer(s) and phone(s) to enable a full analysis of that behaviour.

If it is determined that they have committed defamation they will end up in court and could face jail time or a fine of up to $3000 depending upon the severity of the offence and local state law, which does vary.

An alternative response is to sue the defamer for damages/court costs for libel, where it can be fully proven that the individual has been caused injury or distress through loss of reputation. However, this is a route fraught with difficulties and might not be worth your while.


Having said all that. If anyone on Blogster knows for sure that someone here is a child abuser it is their civic duty to report the matter to their sherrif's office as soon as possible, providing snapshot evidence and a link to the relevant pages. Again, the police will attain the relevant information and will, likely as not, mount a full investigation. I must however, point out that, making a false police report can land you in jail for as much as six months.


Here's the legal mumbo jumbo:


Subdivision 1. Definition. Defamatory matter is anything which exposes a person or a group, class or association to hatred, contempt, ridicule, degradation or disgrace in society, or injury to business or occupation.

Subd. 2. Acts constituting. Whoever with knowledge of its false and defamatory character orally, in writing or by any other means, communicates any false and defamatory matter to a third person without the consent of the person defamed is guilty of criminal defamation and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than one year or to payment of a fine of not more than $3000, or both.


Main source - https://www.dmshb.com/practices-industries/civil-commercial-litigation/defamation/#:~:text=Whoever%20with%20knowledge%20of%20its,one%20year%20or%20to%20payment


Oldie but goody

User Comments

a number of people making claims about other users being child abusers.

Name them or perhaps you should stfu?

Well, there's you, Metal Heart, male cretin (also you), and perverted dog. (You again). 

Hey, if you blog about me make sure you put plenty of that delicious defamation in there won't you?

Bye bye, little boy!

Yeah, where is that you phony fuck?

I'd watch the claims you're making right now. One Blogster has already faced the "authorities" for going down a path as stupid as the one you're on.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Suck my clit, you piece of shit.

My first blocked loser, er user. I feel a little light headed. But really, what is the point of putting up with such garbage?

I bet he does an anti-Angel blog now. His type always have to have the last word.

After what seems centuries here I have found the best weapon you have against angry 'we don't think like you do so you are a loser' is to just ignore or read for laughs.

I've been called all sorts of names here--have been threatened--been blocked--had myself quoted to me (they SAVE what people say!!!) and like those who point fingers they protest too much!!

I haven't blocked anyone on the Internet in the over 20 years I have been on it because just ignoring them drives them crazy!!! LOL

Thanks for your comment Greatmartin! I'm sorry people have been so mean to you, but you seem to be handling it very well. You give good advice, I feel. I've only known of Metal Heart for a week and a half but it seems clear to me that anyone who makes 100% of his comments about abusing people isn't worth my time or my good grace. The man is a worm.

Oh, he'll have something to say about that!!! LOL

I imagine so, HaHa

Hey, thanks for accepting my invite, greatmartin!

Do yourself a very simple favor.  In regard to some, the best thing is simply to block them.  I have a very liberal blocking policy for such folks.

I won't mention the name because for those concerned, it would be reason to call me out for in theory breaking one of the rules, the rules that aren't really enforced but nontheless are there.  This one individual has literally attacked me in no uncertain terms on my own blog repeatedly in the past.  In trying to be nice I let him back on my page twice, but the last name was absolutely the last time.

You are handling it well, lets just say that. {#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}

the last time WAS the last time....they will never be allowed back on my page again...blocked they are, and blocked they will remain.  Oh and I ignore them on another page.

Sounds like there are a few bullies on here then? Don't the admins take such abuses seriously? Its no wonder people like Metal Heart exist here if standards aren't being upheld.

Thank you for your comment, scenefromtheleft!

I don't think I'd consider unblocking someone. I'd only block someone because they were just one long string of shit. And that kind never changes its stink.

I sent you a friend's request. You seem nice.

Thanks, Creative.  I will accept.

no not really....there is a rule about doxing, ie revealing information and rumor has it that some have lost their rights to blog here for posting information about someone else, but other than that, the rules are pretty  much whatever...and ignored.

Of course, it is best to not get on the bad side of some here who feel free to exercise power over others, or try to.

Please, call me Angel, scenefromtheleft. And thank you!

I'll keep an eye out for any powerfly corrupted individuals here. Thanks! As regards personal information, I think we all need to be careful on that basis. 

Yeah, it is best to be careful with personal information.

Ok, Angel.   :)

{#rofl.gif} Oh paleeeeeze child...

Thank you kindly for your comment, Opnionated.

You've had this account for 6 years yet you say you're new here? Surely you understand blogster by now... it's an asylum. 

Yes, I was here a few years ago for a couple of weeks when I wasn't working. Then I got a glut of work and didn't have the appetite. I write for a living, so most of the time I wouldn't be in the mood for blogging. But the pandemic has seen a drop off in my workload, so I thought I'd start things up here again. To all intents and purposes, I am as good as new here. Especially when you consider that I started with no friends again. In total, I've been here less than a month. But yes, the place is a little crazy. Do you enjoy it here?

It hasn't been enjoyable for a couple years now. No one has a sense of humor, you'll usually only get drive-by comments and they don't return, no actual conversations... it's pretty much a ghost town. You can stick hours into a blog and be lucky when you get a handful of comments. 

That's a shame! It does seem like a ghost town, as you say. It seemed much more populous when I was first here. Hey, we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Angel, or Angela.

I'll check out some of your blogs. Maybe give you some conversation. 

Ah, you are set to friends only. Well, you are always welcome to come here for a chat about something. I'm mainly into metal music, but I have a large range of interests. I'm also half German if you want some inside information of what's happening in Europe at all.

My heritage is Austrian/German but American since 1912. 

...a fan of some metal. We'd clash on politics.

I wonder if your family was mainly Austrian. Austria had been in decline since Napoleon, but Germany was industrialising at a fantastic rate and was hurtling towards becoming a super power like Great Britain and France. But for The Great War and the outrageous Versailles Treaty, Germany was going to be the place to be. But even then, long before Hitler, German nationalism, one of the fuels of its super-development, was evident. So, perhaps your family had reasons other than usual economic ones for leaving.

Which are your favourite metal bands?

Yes. And I promised myself I'd try to stay off politics whilst I'm here. The great rift between the left and right in US policies really upsets me. I want the country  of my father, some family and friends to thrive. Not falter so deeply. Send me a friend invite and we can talk about things other than politics.

This place is a total shit show. Aren't you glad you signed up?

I am, Troll. I'm enjoying my time here. OK, there seem to be a few strange ones, but a chode like Metal Heart isn't going to ruin my fun. You don't seem to enjoy things too much yourself, but surely you have some good moments here? There are some pleasant folks. Bright folks too.

I have a few friends I've made on this site over the years. Troll2016 is not the first name I've had on here. It's not the name I would have chosen myself. I'd like to get my old name back, but not sure how that'd work out or if it even would work. Then I'd have to go back and re-post what I've already posted and who has time for that?

You're friends with Scarly666, who seems to know a lot of people on the site. Maybe she might know how to get your old name back. What was it? Or would you rather not say?

I think first it was Sandman, then AnotherDeadHero, then Kafkaphony.

I could call you one of those if you like?

Sandman. It has been my name online since I've been online from way back when when I was chatting in Cyan Chatroom. It comes from Neil Gaiman's graphic novel "Sandman."

OK. Sandman it is. 

First things first.....I must admit that I am not a fan of "Metal Music"......the closes that I can get is "Iron Butterfly".....and they are old as sin and I do not believe they qualify as "Metal".{#basic-laugh.gif}

But what really made me decide to comment is our ply about "Child Sexual Abuse"!!  There are too many people who just think this is some kind of strange game and do not understand either the damage it really does to children or on the other hand the damage that being falsely accused can do to an innocent.  I totally agree with your statements that this is something that should not be played around with.

I have seen and dealt with the kids who were victims of this outrage and I have also seen people who have been ruined by false accusations.....both are sad.  I have no pity for those who are justly accused and do believe that there is a special place in hell on all Child Sex Abusers!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

As for Blogster.....I have been here a while and have only blocked three people in all that time.....two of which remain blocked!{#basic-laugh.gif}  Marting gave me the same advice as he did you.....but I cannot help myself sometimes. {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Continue to speak out when you can't take it anymore.....it can be liberating!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Iron Butterfly? I just checked them out on You Tube. Actually, I have heard "In the Garden of Eden" before now. They remind me just a little bit of Nirvana. You are right though. They do not qualify as metal, HaHa.

I put up with the first few derogatory comments from Metal Heart and was entirely polite with him. But he crossed the line with his paedophile comment, and its not the first I've seen him make. He's slime. You are so right, throwing false accusations around about child abuse is sick and is a continuation of any initial abuse. Like you I have known people who have been genuine victims of actual abuse, it is an all too commonplace phenomenom unfortunately. We all have to do anything we can to help. Even if its just be there to listen sometimes.

I think I'd normally follow Martin's advice, but Metal Heart has to be an exception. He's completely off his rocker. A|s I'm sure you realise. You seem to be one of his favourite targets. On that basis I'd like to be your friend.

I love "In the Garden of Eden"!!!!!!!   

Yes, Metal likes to target me because I blocked him and just flatly refuse to respond to anything he says or does.  My recent Post about beating Metal...was about the ancient Japanese art of Sword Making....he ofcourse thought it was about him and went crazy!!  I loved it!!{#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

I will send him crazy again in the near future...then I will go back to following Martins advice!

Sure, glad to be your friend....might even try to digest some Metal Music!! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Yes, I liked that post about beating metal. I can't see how he could possibly have thought it to be about him. Except, that he thinks everything is about him by the looks of things. You awful tease! HaHa.

Hey, I'll try to find you something kinder on a metal basis. Its a genre that is usually pretty unforgiving. I wonder if anyone ever did a metal version of Garden of Eden. 

Thanks for accepting my friendvite. 


I don't know about a Metal Version of "Eden"....but if you find it, please share it!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I sure will!

Oh boy, so I see you met Mental - I mean Petal - Oops - Metal. The smartest man in the whole wide world, same on you questioning him!

Everyone gets the same treatment from him, I'm sorry you had to deal with this idiot.

As for the Q-anon thing - gah where to start? It's just another idiot cause for them to rally behind to make themselves believe that he - trump - isn't a pervert and loser. 

As I just said to Amodpovw, Metal Heart seems to be completely off his rocker. HaHa. How do you deal with him, Scarly?

QAnon. It does sound like people who are completely off their rockers would be devotees.

He's not hard to deal with once you realise he's a child in a odl man's body. He has tantrums and when he runs out of what he thinks are solid arguments he falls back on name calling - then you've nailed him. Or block him it saves on typing the word idiot a thousand times. 

I know right? The man who grabs women by the pussy, has a modeling agency that imports young girls from eastern europe and is known for using hookers is saving the world from peodos? Give me a break! 

He tried to get me banned on Rica's page and she did come and check me out. He said I blocked him and then stalked him. I made about four comments on his page in total. I accused him of being racist and anti-gay because of his comments, and he flat out called me a liar. The guy is completely deranged. Even so, I am going to try and behave like an angel from now on as getting banned seems to be something that's easy to do here. I'm surprised that you are still here to be honest. HaHa.

People are so mad. QAnon and Metal Heart.

Yeah I saw that, he is a prick - and probably more than a little bit insane. 

The rants he would go on? I think one week he wrote two blogs about me - mostly to tell everyone how awesome he is - and Maria as well, I think she got 3 blogs - so you are in good company!

Yeah I am surprised I'm here too!! For a while there I though - hmm maybe I should shut up. 

He was into that shit too - q-anon - sheeeesh as if trump is an anti-peado warrior - he'd have to arrest himself first. 

HaHa. He really reminds me of the president. He always tells us how awesome he is. Three blogs for Maria? I've noticed he doesn't like a few other people too.

Sick men, both he and Trump.

I'm pretty sure that Scott - Metal - has small hands like trump.

Baby hands, HaHa.

By the way if you ever see the star score drop it's him, few others bother but that is how petty our little Metal is. 

What a sad little fellow he must be. I hadn't noticed. I'm only really interested in the comments people make, so he wasted his time.

Yeah he's sad alright, if you notice he deletes his blogs as well after a few days so he never admits contradiction. Sadly I think he wastes his life trying to convince people how smart he is and in doing that forgets to have a life. 

Does he really? He's so full of it. What a odious fellow.

Don't worry about this. He was permenantly banned from here by the site Admin.

Thank you for letting me know. Its a real relief. I feel much better about being here now. Thanks ZenofKen!

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