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An In-Depth Glance at the Samsung Cell Phone Known as the Conquer 4G

Added: Friday, September 16th 2011 at 3:14pm by conquerskills
Category: Technology

The cell phone industry loosely uses the word "smart phone" a lot without ever giving it a true meaning. This wasn't much of a problem back when it was first coined a "smart phone", but today's advanced phones are much more technologically advanced than phones that we were accustomed to using. The important reason is that a smart phone makes us re-examine what we expect from these devices. Outside of the United States the Samsung Conquer smart phone is also known as the LG Optimus. To keep their smart phone protected users can opt for some of the many different Samsung Conquer accessories like the Samsung Conquer screen protector or the Samsung Conquer case . Obviously using both will dramatically increase the protection of the phone.

The Samsung Conquer is a smart phone with so many great features that make this a true smart phone. The key element is the brilliant 4.3inch capacitive TFT LCD touch screen, which provides 3D support and multi-touch sensors. Under the hood of the phone is a 1000MHz Texas Instrument dual-core processor. Just like most modern cell phones this device can also boast a built-in camera, social networking features, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.

What makes the Samsung Conquer separate from the last generation of smart phones are features like the dual-core processor with its dual-memory and dual-channel architecture along with a dedicated GPU. What these words mean for an average user is that the Conquer is essentially a computer that can be used at your hand. In the next step, Android applications continue to become extremely sophisticated and power hungry, and a phone like this one allows you to buy it with the confidence that it'll live up to the challenge.

A feature that everyone seems to dig at the moment from this device is the ability to display 3D without the need of glasses. This is a wild breakthrough since the glasses have really been a deal-breaker for most smart phones with 3D capabilities. Better yet, the phone doesn’t limit 3D to movies. What it does is that it integrates 3D into the screen and navigation system features of the phone. You can even access free 3D videos via the new YouTube 3D website and service.

The Samsung Conquer also has a great feature that allows the built-in camera to support 3D capture. Just think about all of the possibilities that are provided. Recording in 3D over 2D means that all of your video files will be a bit bigger than the previous 2D files you used to record. Once the file has been recorded you can then view it in 3D or upload it as 3D content to your computer. If you have a 3D TV in your phone, you can also watch them by connecting the phone to the TV through the built-in HDMI port.

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