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Hi And Welcome!

Added: Wednesday, April 11th 2012 at 7:23am by collegetipsnews
Category: Education
Related Tags: education

Hello and welcome!

Edward here and I'm a new and recent college graduate and I want to make a blogster blog to help share my experiences while I was away out there. Man it is really brutal out there in the college world!

User Comments

Welcome to blogster--be aware blogging is addictive!!

If you think it is brutal at college you are in no way prepared for real life!! LOL

Welcome  To  Blogster!  I  hope  you  enjoy   your  experinces  here!  It's  fun  and  addidictive,  lol.

And  Good  Luck  on   College!   That's   great   your  in College   and   I  hope  you  do  great!

sorry,  think  I  replied  to  wrong  person,   mom  was  talking  and posted  on  the  wrong   poster, blame it  on  mom,  lol  right  GM?  LOL

A quick couple of suggestions--basically mistakes we all make when beginning blogging--when answering someone hit 'reply' in their comment box--read and comment on other blogger's posts if you want readers on yours--don't be thin skinned! LOL

Good Luck!{#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Hi, and welcome to blogster.  Hope you enjoy our (mostly) friendly little community here.

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