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Code of Conduct

Thanks for being part of Blogster community. To ensure the best possible experience for all users, we have established some basic guidelines for participation.

To help ensure that the Blogster website and blog is a great place to collaborate and interact with others, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. We want a positive experience for all visitors and members.

Therefore, we have established certain rules for using Blogster and for posting messages, photos, video, chat and other content ("Content") on Blogster, which rules are set forth in our Terms of Use and in this Code of Conduct.

Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information about the rules applicable to your use of Blogster and the other rights and remedies of Blogster. Users are expressly informed that the only version of the Code of Conduct for Blogster online services that is authoritative is the version found online at the site Blogster.com, which the user acknowledges and accepts without restriction, and undertakes to refer to said version systematically each time the user connects.


Blogster reserves the right of prior control and of changing or rejecting any photo, video or description that is incorrect, vulgar or not in keeping with the spirit of the Service or that visibly does not correspond to the characteristics of the user who published the photo, video or description. Therefore, the photos, videos and description of the profiles provided by the user must be decent and pertain only to the user.

Third-Party Content

Blogster allows you to upload and share user generated Content with your friends, such as photographs and videos you upload from your camera, webcam or mobile phone. This means that you may post and share original photographs and video that are of a personal nature that: (i) are of you or your friends, (ii) are taken by you or your friends, or (iii) are original art or animation created by you or your friends. It is not intended as a place for you to post third-party copyrighted content, such as celebrity pictures or your favorite music video. In addition, we expect our users to use good judgment and respect the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others. Therefore, in using Blogster, you may not:

  • upload or share any photographs, videos or other Content other than original works that are created by you or another user
  • post or share any Content that infringes upon or violates the copyright, trademarks or other rights of any third party
  • attempt to circumvent any content filtering techniques we may employ

Users and/or Visitors are exclusively responsible for all transactions concluded with third parties, including the advertisers shown on the web pages of the Service, including operations involving the delivery and payment of goods and services.

Contents and Behaviour

To help ensure that the Blogster website and blog is a great place to collaborate and interact with others, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. We want a positive experience for all visitors and members.

Users take responsibility for their own words and for the comments they allow on their blog. Users are committed to the “Civility Enforced” standard: Users will not post unacceptable content, and  will delete comments that contain it. Blogster.com define unacceptable content as anything included or linked to that:

    • is being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten others
    • is libelous, knowingly false, ad-hominem, or misrepresents another person,
    • infringes upon a copyright or trademark
    • violates an obligation of confidentiality
    • violates the privacy of others

Users must treat other users with respect. Users won’t say anything online that they wouldn’t say in person.

Users won’t use content that a reasonable person would deem illegal or objectionable (threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racist, etc.) or using hateful or vulgar language (even when concealed by symbols or other characters).

Users won’t post content that advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity.

If users do not share an opinion they may criticise the point of view with respect, and don’t critic the person who expressed it using personal attacks.  Users will don’t use username, letter, symbols or other characters that identify the user for personal attacks.

Users are prohibited from harassing other users by continuing to attempt or succeeding in communicating with any person who clearly requested that the user concerned cease communicating with them. Users are responsible for ensuring that their behaviour towards other users is legal and complies with all applicable laws.

Users connect privately before they respond publicly. When users encounter conflicts and misrepresentation in the blogosphere, they make every effort to talk privately and directly to the person(s) involved–or contact the moderator who can do so–before they publish any posts or comments about the issue.

Users don’t post personal attacks.

Users do not use anonymous comments to publish comments that are offensive.

If users block me I will don’t attack them indirectly or directly..

Users won’t impersonate any person or entity to publish posts or comments that are offensive. Users must not pretend to be another user, a celebrity, or communicate using a false name, false capacity or username they are not authorised or empowered to use, or lie concerning their capacity of adult or minor

Users ignore the trolls. Users prefer not to respond to nasty comments about them or their blog, as long as they don’t veer into abuse or libel.

Users won’t post photography or content that is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit.

Users won’t send violent or pornographic messages or messages that are liable to seriously violate human dignity.

Users won’t post any content - including the username and any photos/images or personal video - that is illegal, harmful, threatening, violent, abusive, that constitutes harassment, insulting, obscene, pornographic, threatening or a danger to the private life of another person or to human dignity, or that is hateful, racist or otherwise reprehensible.

Users won’t display any content that could constitute suborning of minors.

Users won’t copyrighted content without the permission of the owner.

Users must attribute source to the author.

Users won’t post content that could constitute, suicide provocation, enticement to commit felonies or misdemeanours, provocation of discrimination, hatred or violence due to race, ethnicity, religion or nationality, challenges the existence of crimes against humanity or acknowledged genocide.

Users undertake to comply with all the laws and regulations in force concerning the prohibition on the dissemination of pornographic, pedophile or obscene images or images that are liable to seriously violate human dignity.

Users won’t post content that includes but is not limited to IT viruses, or any other code, or software designed to hinder, forge, interrupt, destroy or limit the normal operating or functionalities of any software, computer, server, or electronic communications tool.

Users won’t post content that includes Trojan Horses, or any other code designed to intercept or divert data without authorisation, or take control, interrupt, destroy or limit the normal operating or functionalities of any software, computer, server, or electronic communications tool.

Users won’t post content that could constitute false information, undermine the authority of the courts or contain information on pending trials, an individual tax situation or adoption.

Users won’t post content that breaches any patent, trademark, manufacturing secret, copyright, intellectual property or any other proprietary right that belongs to another party.

Users won’t send any data, information or advertising, whether commercial or not, any promotional material that was not first requested or authorised by the recipient(s) thereof and, in particular, spamming, mass mailing, passing on junk mail, chain letters or any other form of canvassing

Users won’t spam, mass mailing, passing on junk mail, chain letters or any other form of canvassing.

Users declare and acknowledge that they are aware that all the information, data, text, software, music, sounds, photographs, images, videos, messages or other contents or any other material (hereinabove and hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Content"), whether brought to the public's attention or transmitted privately, are the exclusive responsibility of the person who issued said Content.

In the event of a breach by a user of one or more of these rules, Blogster reserves the right to block the Account(s) of the user concerned, to automatically delete the litigious messages or Contents, regardless of the nature thereof, to prevent the publication of all or part of the Profile, the Chat Content or the Blog Content of a user, and/or to block the user's access to all or part of the Services, either temporarily or definitively, without consideration or reimbursement and without prejudice to any remedies that are liable to implemented against the user concerned.

Please note that Blogster is a provider of content creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to create blogs, but we don't make any claims about the content of these pages. We strongly believe in freedom of expression, even if a blog contains unappealing or distasteful content or presents unpopular viewpoints. We realize this may be frustrating, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Solely users are liable for the harm they may cause to another user or third party when using the Service.

User Disputes

You understand Blogster is not responsible for the content or activities in any user-created message. The decision to view or engage all content is yours and we advise you to use your judgment.

Users alone, and not Blogster, are fully liable for the Content they display, download, send or transmit in any way whatsoever via the Services. Except as otherwise provided for herein, Blogster does not exercise any control over the Content transmitted via the Services and therefore does not provide any guarantee as to the appropriateness, lawfulness, probity or quality of said Content.

Blogster reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other users.

Suspension and Termination

If a user breaches the Code of Conduct and Term of Use, Blogster may automatically terminate all or part of the Services provided to the user without prior formal notice, other notice or indemnity. Blogster has the right in its sole discretion to terminate your access to and use of the Site and/or remove any of your content should we consider your statements or conduct to be inaccurate, inappropriate, illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property or other rights, invasive of privacy, injurious, objectionable, or otherwise in violation of these Terms of Use or any applicable law.

This Content Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time at Premier's sole discretion.

Thanks for following this Code of Conduct.