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My Facebook Account Was Disabled

Added: Monday, November 18th 2019 at 2:21pm by clintjohnson
Category: Technology
Related Tags: facebook

My Facebook account was disabled, and I'm not even certain why. I contacted support.

User Comments

This is one of many reasons why I would never be on FB. Maybe Clint you are meant too be here. Bro. Doc

It could have been a glitch.  I'm on face book, and I was unable to get in to my account, one day last week.

Have you been on face book, or have you been off of it, like you were here?  Because if your facebook laid dorment for a while, they will disable it.  I hope you find out the cause.  I didn't know you were there.  You will find me there (EloiseGary Dunn).

I have been a regular user of it. Right now I am contemplating just quitting social media altogether. You seem like a great lady though so I'm glad we are friends

One other thing that could have happened, is that you posted something that someone complained about.  They will disable an account for up to two weeks, if some one filed a complaint against you.  I'm glad we're friends too!

FB does this sometimes

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