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Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, February 14th 2018 at 1:59pm by cleta45p479306
Category: Jobs & Careers

I hope you all like my retelling. There is a stigma that surrounds professional sales people, that theyll do anything to get a sale. Im a 24 year old middle level salewoman at a giant corporation. This happened a few weeks ago and I havent been able to really come to terms with it fully. I didnt think that was a fair stigma, but after today I suppose its true.

Im not the best at my job to be honest. Ill warn you theres a bit of intro. I always try to be fair to my customers but sometimes it just gets too stressful to handle. They dont think im important. I immediately feel disappointed in my lack of even trying today.

I could try australuan porn and blame the traffic, or say I overslept my alarm or make up some excuse but nobody even cares if I show up or not. Just a wall ornament, a pity hire, some dumb blonde that doesnt know how to do anything.

So I get to my dinky cubicle in the back corner of the office and sink onto my creaky 20 year old office chair. I am already 15 minutes late to work this morning. I have to do them anyway. I never get these stupid public jobs. I see my reflection on a plaque I was given for being sales trainee of the month two years ago.

I get to his office and he is nowhere to be found. I used to have the biggest crush on him, but hes married and has kids and everything so I always have kept it to myself. Honestly Im just grateful to have someone to vent to about stupid things. So I head back to my desk and as I am walking across the room I get a text from Joe, customer of mine that has flaked grls out west on me like a half dozen times the last few months.

Ken is a really cool guy. It says, "Hey I need your help with a weird project can we get lunch today? " I really hate this asshole right now but I havent won a bid in almost a week so I agree to grab lunch, sure that he would flake out again and use my help and then not buy a damn thing from me. I open up my calendar and see I have 4 new projects to quote.

I give a frustrated grunt and read the porno amateur hd message. I am in real trouble with this one. After hours of mind numbing blueprint deciphering I decide to go for a walk and see my work friend Ken. I grab the big booth so I can setup my computer and I start replying to the unending pile of emails.

" So I pack up my sad ensemble of stuff and leave. He replies to me, "Great are you hungry now? "Hey Kat, Im glad you could meet me. " He eats it up like he always does, I swear its like he just gets enjoyment out of wasting my time. I of course the professional idiot I am exclaim, "Oh hey its great to see you Joe.

" He always calls me Kat, it is actually really irritating but I pretend to think its endearing because I like hitting my sales quota, and I cant afford to be picky about who I sell to. I give him a weird look, he just smiles and pretends nothing happened. Im officially starting to get weirded grls out west but I keep going. I notice that Joe cant stop looking at my chest.

I get to the girls out west review diner he wants to meet at and hes not there yet. pulling up different options on my laptop and Joe decides to move from his side of the booth to sit right next to me so that he could "see better". I havent been with anyone in almost a year.

I reply, "anything for you buddy" We get down to business, discussing this stupid system Joes company has to put in for a job. I start to wander a bit as I go through the minutae of what kind of fasteners are required in the city hes working in, thinking about how big and strong his hands are, how good it would feel to have them caress my sensitive breasts.

This Job is like huge, if I get it I would get a huge commission for sure so I try and focus on the work but I cant help but feel a twinge between my thighs as I feel Joes breath brush past my neck. He finally shows up after like 40 minutes with a stupid grin on his face. Perpetually busy with work or something or other to date or even have a hookup.

I shoot a glance at his crotch and see its just raging. I look down thinking I must have spilled something on there, but yeah theres nothing. I just want you" So I mumble, "Ok lets go" and he whispers "I knew you would. I scurry off to my car putting my bag in the back seat.

I get a bit flustered and girls out west torrents try and focus but I notice that Joe has wormed his arm around the back of the booth behind me and I get really nervous and excited at the same time. I am so far gone at this point I would do anything he said. If you have any type of inquiries pertaining to where and just how to utilize girls out west torrents , you can call us at our own website. We drive about 10 minutes and get to his house. " I feel so ashamed but I need him inside me. He leads me inside, past the pictures of his fiance on the wall and her cat that looked at me quizzically.

I am so ashamed of myself, but I need it. He tears my leggings as he yanks them down much to my displeasure but he tells me to be quiet and enjoy this. I pack up my computer and he pays the bill, which admittedly was rather nice of him for once. he slips a finger into my dripping wet pussy and I gasp. I close the door, turn around, and see hes ushering me over to his work truck.

suddenly his exploration ends and I open my eyes to see him pull his dirty jeans off and unleash his rock hard dick. Being the obiedient slut I am I close my eyes and bite my lip as he pulls down my skirt and panties. Im too ashamed of myself. He orders me over to him, I scoot over and sit on the edge of the bed my juices leaking out of me.

I cant bring my self to open my eyes. He says, "I bet you can suck like a pro" I roll my eyes but dutifully take as much of it into my mouth as I could, rolling my tounge around the sensitive tip. I cant take any more and I pull it out of my mouth with a loud pop and tell him, "Joe you better make me cum" as I present my pussy to him, climbing on all fours.

I feel him all the way inside me, he shakes my whole body with the force of his thrusts, I moan and scream as he pounds away at me in exquisite pleasure. He shoves me onto his bed rather roughly and I am soaking wet. He suddenly stops and picks me up throwing me on my back with his dick still inside me.

he shoves my face down into the bed as he savagely penetrates me. Id let him do anything to me. He keeps fucking me so hard and deep I cant contain the sounds squirting out of my mouth. I cum hard and he has no mercy, continuing to fuck me hard throughout it. He asks me where I want it and I cant even open my mouth. I feel my pussy start to throb, god Im so close.

I just tell him to fuck me and he happily obliges. He groans involuntarily and I can feel it get so hard. He grunts, "Your pussy is so tight; what, are you a virgin" Hes such an asshole but I needed this fuck so badly. I get bright red and he whispers in my ear, "Kat, we should go get a drink" I mumble out "bbut, its only 11" He says low, "Its ok we can go to my place" I hesitate and he says, "I dont care about this Job you can have it.

I am covered in sweat, thoroughly fucked and filled with a practically married mans cum, its 11:45 and guy fuck pussy I have to get back to work, my tights have a huge tear aussie girls fucking in the side and did I mention I just fucked a customer?

As the adrenaline wears off I realize what Ive done. I freeze for a moment there lying on my back with the cum dripping out of me and Joe comes back out of the bathroom and says, "Looks like you got yourself a contract" /u/deejayrumba He says ok then and cums deep inside me.

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