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Problems and Solutions in the Cisco routers and switch

Added: Monday, July 24th 2017 at 3:14am by ciscoroutersupport

Basically, the router and the switch both are the networking devices. These are used to establish a connection between the different computers, devices, and the networks. Although both the devices router and the switch looks similar there is a huge difference in their functions.  


Routers are the layer 3 devices which function on the network layer of the OSI model. Basically, routers are used to make communication between the two different network. The different network is categorized by the IP addresses. These devices are used to connect a local network to the different local networks. For example connecting a home network to the internet.  


Switches are the layer 2 devices that work on the data link layer of the OSI model. Basically, the switches are used to make theLAN(local area network) environment. Switch used the MAC address to forward data to the correct destination. Data is transferred in the form of a frame in the switch.   

Problems in the Cisco routers:  

1 IP connectivity  

CEF(Cisco express forwarding) is a common scapegoat for IP connectivity issues. When this issue comes IP does not communicate with each other. To troubleshoot this issue we have to follow these following steps. If you are not able to solve the issue by your self than contact to Cisco router customer support

Step1  Accurately describe the problem.  

Step2  scope the network topology.  

Step3  review the OSI(open systems interconnection), model.  

Step4  verify the ARP(address resolution protocol) table.  

Step5  verify the IP routing table.  

Step6  Verify the CEF(Cisco express forwarding)FIB(Forwarding Information Base) table.  

Step7   Verify the adjacency table.  

Step8  Conduct hardware trouble shooting.  


2.  troubleshoot a missing route  

When we design a network using the static routing or the dynamic routing. If any issue comes in finding the specific route then we have to follow some specific command to troubleshoot a missing route. This issue may come to various factors that are   

An interface fails.  

A service provider drops a connection.  

Links become oversaturated.  

An administrator enters a wrong configuration.   

These can troubleshoot by using these common commands.  



Show IP route  

Show IP interface brief  

Show CDP neighbors details  

Problems in Cisco switches  

IP mismatch  

The common problem that comes in the switches is IP mismatch. This problem comes due to the same IP address is given to the two different devices. And the different network IP address is provided to the device that is in the similar LAN. This problem is troubleshooting by performing a different command on the switch. That are show interface brief this command show all the IP addresses linked to all the switch port. From thereyou can check the issue and troubleshoot the problems.  

Commonly these problems are associated with the Cisco router and the switches.   

These issues can also come with the ASUS company routers. ContacASUS router tech support for any issue. 

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