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Microsoft Tech support

Added: Thursday, August 10th 2017 at 2:42am by ciscoroutersupport


In this article, we are going to discuss the all the technical support related to the Microsoft product. 

Microsoft is the largest international company. its software and hardware based company its release many types of products. These product having some technical issues and problem. We provide the online help to the users to resolve their technical problemwhich user faces in the product. Many technical issues found inMicrosoft office, word and PowerPoint http://msofficesupportnumber.org/microsoft-power-point-support/

Microsoft office 

If you are working with Microsoft office then such type of problems you may face it could be caused by the faulty RAM and problem in the hard drive. And many are too lazy to install the service packs. Now.ms diagnostic tool included with the Ms that runs with the battery of test and you came to know about the help and problem you with ways to solve those problems. Ms Office diagnostics by running these scans for the size up yoursystem. 

  • Setup diagnostics 

This test may take up to 15 minutes or more than 15 minutes as its goes into the nerve center of the computer .registry and a file is scanned for viruses and faulty installations. 


  • Disk diagnostic 

For the potential problem, this test scans the hard disk.generally, it looks in the windows system log and the self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology if available feature of your hard disk. This test gives you the information about your hard disk crash. 

  • Memory diagnostic 

This checks stability on the ram. 

  • Update diagnostic 

Generally, its checks the update your computer and your office suite all the updates installed .its most important to out the bugs and to make your system more stable. This test is available when you check the update. 

  • Compatibility diagnostic 

Sometimes we have the different versions of the same office installed. DDl files might be causing the errors. Compatibility test checks for nails and problem factor. 


  • Check for the known solution  

This test uses the best database of Microsoft crash cases and their possible solutions offer a similar for youafter reviewing the crash report on your system. 

  1. Ms Office diagnostics may found under the group menu office tools. 

  1. Ms Office window opens to inform the user that test can take 15 minutes and to the Microsoft server. 

  1. Then this window displays the tests that carried out begin the scan by clicking on run diagnostic. 


In this article I covered technical problems comes in the ms office for any support related to the ms office can visit this site http://msofficesupportnumber.org/microsoft-office-support-number/

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