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The Racist Gretawire blog of Greta Van Susteren of Fox "News" is Closing!

Added: Saturday, January 31st 2009 at 10:44am by cinnamondiamond
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This afternoon I went to gretawire.com and found out that she is closing it because she "is very busy". Now I know that's complete BS. Greta is a puppet. She does what they tell her to do, just like she changes party with every job she gets. Remember she was a democrat when she was on CNN and now she is Republican because she is on Fox.

There is a history of violent language and racism directed towards the President, his family and Blacks in general. We know how desperate the Republican party is; they just elected a Black leader and they are looking for a new face. I think they can not afford to have all these racist comment that are bing made on blogs like gretawire and ask to shut it down.

This was Greta's note to her worshippers:

Note to GretaWire bloggers

Because I promised you the behind the scenes, I figure I should alert you to the fact there is a good chance that I will shut down GretaWire soon.  As you might have guessed, it is really time consuming (I do it alone) and I am trying to think what else I can do on the web.  I would like to expand into other areas.  It has been lots of fun blogging and building GretaWire with all of you but I, probably like you, like to dream about doing other things  - whatever that may be.  You know I love technology, and I love to learn — and thus I may want to try something completely different on the web.  I am reaching out for new ideas.  If you have some ideas, post them as I am open for ideas (and actually seeking them.)

I don't believe a word of this note. It's all BS. It would be great if Mrs. Van Susteren could come out and tell everyone the real reason. Not too long ago she made it clear that she wanted to be the next Arianna Huffington. The blog was one step into becoming that. So, why is she closing down the blog?

User Comments

I think you give her less credit than she deserves. The reason for closing the blog may be just as simple as time. One thing I know for sure, whatever the reason, we will eventually find out, until then, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Greta has stated over and over that she likes to defend women but for sme reason has never defended the First Lady Mrs. Obama; and worshippers on her blog have called Mrs. Obama all names in the book but she never defended her like she does for palin. I am so glad her is closing and don't think that time have anthing to do with it!

Perhaps not, but until we all know for sure, I will not cast aspersions and neither should you.

I would not presume to say that she is shutting down GretaWire other then the reason she gave. I really don't think it matters as the choice is hers...

Gretawire is not racist, what the heck are you talking about.

Regardless, I've seen more unsubstantiated hate from liberals about Governor Palin and President Bush than I have from conservatives regarding Obama.

I have been on the blog myself. There a lot of racist comments made. They even collect them and put them on NewsHound. I don't think it was a very positive blog; and it looks like Greta condone what was being said on the blog.

It is so easy to play the race card and I see it done by liberals much more than conservatives.  But whatever, Obama's policies will speak for themselves.  

As you can see, I am black but I also hate when the race card is being played. But I find it bizzare that you would say there were never racist comments made on gretawire.

All I am saying is that I have never made racist comments and the bloggers I keep in contact with on the blog are not racist.  Everyone should be judged by the content of their character not their skin color.

I'm not the Gretawire blog police, so I am hardly aware of every time somebody made a racist comment.  However, you can't help what the fringe says.  To say that the Gretawire bloggers are racist in inaccurate.  As I said previously, there were many many comments made about Bush and Palin that were unsubstantiated.  I hope you would denounce those bloggers too.

USAROCKS i did not implicate you at all. Some websites collect comments made on the blog. Below are some example taken from http://forum.newshounds.us/viewtopic.php?t=25878&sid=c49590d6bb1e7a6cc43c02f2797d0c54:

Comment by BUBBA
January 16th, 2009 at 10:49 pm
what do u expect from an a-sswipe n-igga

Comment by BUBBA
January 16th, 2009 at 10:54 pm
BLACK is beautiful
Tan is GRAND
of the BIG BOSS MAN!!!!

Screw Obama the stupid N-IGGER!
Comment by BUBBA
January 16th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

I wouldn’t doubt it if someone shot obama on Tuesday
Comment by Marty
January 16th, 2009 at 11:01 pm

once a nigro always a nigro
Comment by mbrittain
January 16th, 2009 at 11:09 pm

Comment by Obama is a jerk!
January 16th, 2009 at 11:16 pm


He will never get my respect, NEVER MY PRESIDENT. freak!
Comment by shirley
January 16th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

I am wearing a black armband and flying my American flag upside down on January 20th. This is all the support that the Halfrician will get from me!"

I would have thought the above kind of posts would slowly die down as we near the inauguration, but they seem to be getting worse.

Again keep in mind that we're not talking about RacistObamaHaters.com (which is still no excuse)
We're talking about Fox Employee Greta Van Susteren's blog hosted by Fox News.

It looks like you have pulled examples from only one single day on Gretawire.  I don't know any of those people as they are not regular bloggers.

Certainly, we conservatives don't condone racism (as shown in the recent RNC Chairman election).  The people elected Michael Steele because of his principles, values and desire to lead the GOP in a new era of politics.  If you want to continue to get hung up on race, that is your issue.  It tell us alot about you that you write a blog stating Greta Van Susteren runs a racist site.  Very untrue.  


I have seen some regular bloggers saying similar things one the wire. I don't want to go as far as giving names but it has happened.

So, definitely disagree, but it is just MY OPINION.

That previous statement is for USAROCKS

There ya go... just drag that racist crap right on over here... THESE ARE 2 YEARS OLD FOR GOD SAKE!

Let it go, or be guilty of that which you accuse others. Move on...

I hope you don't think we were all like that.

The decent bloggers cringed when we saw such trash.

Don't let some people's comments cloud your perspective.

Great pic.

jo Anne M.

I certainly used to disagree on Gretawire. I would never think all bloggers there were racist. I just hoped sometimes some of you would have disassociated yourselves from certain comments. But instead many used to agree; and it used to be insulting to people like me. 

I'm not sure they were in agreement.

Sometimes I think the posters who posted the trash would use another's name and respond.

There were several instances when one IP posted then responded with another name, but same IP.

It is hard to determine what is and isn't sincere on an anonymous blog.

I believe most people are respectful of others, even when disagreeing.

I can see where some were way over the edge. I am agreeing there. I'm just not sure they were legit.


I have seen some regular bloggers saying similar things one the wire. I don't want to go as far as giving names but it has happened.

I've never agreed with racism in any way... I do know there were perhaps 4-6 people who regularly were racists in their attitudes... but you cannot judge the character and content of the entire board based on such a small number... The biggest problem there was inciteful trolls, not racists...

I wasn't on Gretawire but, I do know JoAnne on here and she is a good person and not like that.  I don't believe she would welcome people here that were like that in my opinion.  I did take a look at your link and that was very disgusting that people would talk that way.   Personally, I do not care for Obama and did not vote for him and would not.  It has nothing to do with the color of his skin moreover what he does and doesn't stand for.   I am not liberal I am conservative and won't vote for someone who goes against what I believe in.  If Condi Rice or Allan Keyes were to run they would have my vote in a heartbeat.


I can only hope that what you say is entirely true.

That is what I believe and think Cinnamondiamond.  Personally I don't care what the color of skin people have but more of what is in their hearts and what they stand for and believe in.   I have friends of all different skin colors.  That is not the issue with me.

unbelievable that in the year 2009, people still talk with that much ignorance and hatred. Me? I wouldn't vote for anyone who those people supported. You know, it's kinda funny. I always said Bush was an idiot, but I never said he wasn't my President or that I hated him. But, I guess I don't run a bit far to the right of center like others do.

Most people on Gretawire, who come here now to blog, say Obama is not and will never be their President and that Michelle does not fit their description of a First Lady. They call Mrs Obama all kind of names, including the little girls. Those comments were collected and posted on this website http://forum.newshounds.us/viewtopic.php?t=25878&sid=c49590d6bb1e7a6cc43c02f2797d0c54


so. They are here. They say the left/liberals are hate mongers. Really. Couldn't be further from the truth.. First, putting labels on all other people who don't see eye to eye with you is hateful. Catagorizing people is hateful. Spewing lies is hateful. Discrimination is hateful. Racism is hateful. Wishing someone would kill another human is hateful. What ever happened to peace and love? Oh! I know, peace and love = socialism! I remember. Walking trash! Peace out!

well said abifyt



I've been on Gretawire for only a few weeks and mostly have lurked on it. I have observed in that time people come in from other sites with an agenda to bait the regular bloggers with hateful (and I mean Hateful) stuff about conservative people (i.e. Palin, Bush). 

I've also seen posters come in and will say something then these other people come in right behind and start going off. Personally I believe they are one in the same, which then pulls in the regular bloggers "attempting to defend"..  sparks fly.. A few may go WAY out of bounds.

Personally I do not condone racism from anyone, black or white.

My son is mixed race just so you know where I come from on this issue.


We probably disagree about most things, but I like hearing the other side because it makes me think.

Would you mind telling what name you blogged under at GW....I am there often and know, no one named Cinnamon blogged there

I read more than I blogged but I went there regularly. Sometimes I got sick of what I saw, I left. As far as what name I used, I prefer to keep that for myself.

This just showed up on gretawire


Another right wing nutjob spreading hate. you loons are the ones who destroyed it. You right wing assholes screw up everything you touch. No wonder you lost the last two elections. Americans are sick of you idiots too.

Any comments?????

No matter where those comments come from, they are unacceptable.

Who knows if a "right wing" didn't post it? They do what they call "name jacking" on gretawire. There is no regulations, everything goes. BTW, Greta blocks people who don't agree with what she says sometimes. My friend was blocked from her blog, and she never really said anything as bas as the ones I've seen on the blog. Double standard.

How does anyone know who does the name jacking and how could you possibly know it isn't a liberal pretending to be Bubba and make Gretawire look bad so you can berate GW?

Just asking.......

You don't have to say the N word to be offensive to others. Again, I will not mention any names, but some people talk about how the President will get the White House filthy, cooking chicken, eating water-melon... I have seen regular bloggers on Greta's blog, who jump here on blogsters, calling the Obama girls stupid and that they should have gone to public school since they're black and have no brain... These things are racists. People who call the President "pretend-President" and say that Michelle will never their First lady because she is black and looks like a monkey.... You know that's true. You blog on gretawire and you know I'm telling the truth.


Go back to Gretawire and read the comments...pay attention to Close this blog, Greta......day in and day out this stuff is there.......you obviously completely ignore what you choose to and focus on what seems to be your agenda......

I have seen people replying in favor of Obama or Blacks as a respond to what was said. I only wish that Greta would come out and say that she does not condone what are being said or defend the First Family just she does when people make harsh comments about Palin and her family. That's all I'm saying.

I have blogged at Gretawire for a year now and never seen Greta post any comment about Sarah Palin and her family concerning harsh comments...... when you talk about defending the first family I also find it telling you dont mention the harsh things said about President Bush.....It seems you are seeing things as you want them to be and not as they are......as I stated before...no one knows who is whom on any blog.......

People say harsh things about Bush for his policies and a war that was based on basically nothing (since there were no WMDs found). Bush has been in office for 8 years, people can actually criticize him. I talk about people calling President Obama Ni**. I have seen no one call Mr. Bush white tr** on Gretawire. Obama has not started yet but is being beaten up for his policies. He only has about 12 days (?) in office.

Bush was a criminal, and won under extremely questionable circumstances. Honestly, he could be more viewed as a president imposed since the federal supreme court was not suppose to interviene in the recount in 2000, and the voting machines giving Gore negative votes in some states.

Then in 2004 the caging lists and the questionable count in Ohio that is under investingation because the same tennessee company who did the RNC server did the vote tally in Ohio. They were going to question the main IT fellow in the scenario, but he just died in a strange plane crash a month ago after having said he feared for his life. His name is Mike McConnell. You can read about it HERE.

So personally, Bush is a special case. Criminal President-imposed.

Cinn; This is getting pointless...I could go on and on with you and your left wing views.....I instead choose to end this conversation......I could dig up post after post about Bush......as to WMD's if you honestly did some research you would find things are not always correct on websites like newsbusters......I choose to end this conversation.....if you find this to be a victory then so be it.....it is an endless road you are choosing to go down.......

Bush said himself in his last interviews on CNN and other news networks that he was disappointed that there no WMDs. Check it out yourself. You may actually search on Fox News.

Seems like things were getting out of hand at this place and it was decided to close it done before it became a media issue...there's some hard right wing people out there she would rather not be associated with...Greta has her history too


(The Racist Gretawire blog of Greta Van Susteren of Fox "News")?


Way to go....."labeling"

What "label" would you like applied to yourself?

Greta had nothing to do with the content or caliber of the average blogger......

I saw a guy named "Funkadelic" who race-baited every person he encountered, (Every single day, ....I understand it was actually a group effort, all using that name. Day and night.)

Nice judgement on your part.



Greta did have control over her blog. She blocked some people and she said herself couple weeks ago that she will block those who don't behave. But wondered what she considered "behaving". Greta has double standard.

Fox having something to do with Racism. Who would think That?


She doesn't have time to do it, I hope these greta people that have come here don't try the same stuff and read the TOS...

On an Anonymous blog you can be who ever you want to be, as often as you wish. You can reply to your own messages, this is all true. BUT, the admin can block an IP address. If this wasn't being done, then shame on her. People have the right to express their views, but no one has the right to spit foul and venomous hate. And I hope that here, on Blogster, they won't allow it. Sure, if your home IP has been banned you can log on at work, or the library, or where ever, but a good admin who's doing their job will keep banning until they can't get back on. They should be able to track whats happening. Good Lord, some of you think your freedom over shadows the next guys freedom, and sorry to say, that just isn't so. Politics makes otherwise normal, fun people turn into animals who would eat their own babies as far as I'm concerned, hey what do you say we talk Religion too, that way we can cleave and divide even more. You know, it's not about everyone believing in the same thing, it's about people willing to put that aside and work together as a unit, to get something done, like fixing this Country that is in dire straights right now. People need to quit pointing fingers and bitching and start to come up with some plans that will actually work instead  of the same old failed crap that hasn't really worked for 50 years! By detaching yourselves you make the problems worse instead of better. For crying out loud, your supposed to be adults. Act like it.

Do you have a clue to how many posted on GW every DAY!!!!

Greta can only monitor it if WE complain.....apparently not enough complaints went in with that guy's name attatched......and he fully intended on trying to cause enough hatred to close it. He may have been posting both sides....I'd bet on it.

THAT is the problem.



Greta posted this followup last.. and this is just a very small portion.. "I realize there are always a few jerks - haters - but because I am committed to the First Amendment I did not want to censor GretaWire (within some reason.)"

Like I said in a previous post, I do not condone racists remarks, but it goes both ways.. And I've seen a few posters in recent days, one being Kid Funkdelic or something like that, with racist remarks toward white people.

If we are to live our lifes together, people on both sides need to start living in the 21st century, and get over the hatred and strive to better onesself by getting an education and working hard. And yes this goes for both white and black, we as citizens of this great country shouldn't have to depend on anyone, including the Government (And I mean those that are physically able to work). Yes there are times we need them, but should only be used for hard times, not everyday of your lifes like some do in this country.

When I growing up I didn't have all the new things, my dad worked two sometimes three jobs to just keep a roof over our heads. I didn't attend college, but have worked hard and kept my nose clean. I'm 42 now and just this past year finally bought my first home. Yes I probably could have bought sooner with standards of lending that was occuring, but I personally couldn't afford it and  at the same time save up for a rainy day.

What I'm trying to get at, we need to take responsibility for our own actions/lifes. If we keep worrying about what the other guy/girl (have to be PC) says we'll never get anywhere in life.




Thank you Doug and Cinnamon for raising this issue. It has been a concerted effort for Kid Funkadelic and his/ her buddies to DELIBERATELY close down Gretawire. I saw him LAST NIGHT doing the same thing. What a disgusting person.

It is up to ALL of us.

Not to argue with him, but to call him/her on all of his BS. He/she changes his/her name, often. If you see anyone raising racist issues, or causing ANY kind of Hate, call him/her on it. Tell him/her what a LOSER he/she is. What a LAME-O thing it is to pull this crap. It seems we need to provide our own tactics to stop this nasty aggression.

I have enjoyed blogging there, with one exception. The overt, nasty racist remarks. And because I didn't vote for Obama, I have been called a "racist" since day one. Considering that my one and only granddaughter IS of mixed- racial descent, I AM DEEPLY OFFENDED. I love her with all of my heart, and "color" has nothing to do with it.

NO ONE in their right mind condones this garbage. NO ONE.

Kid likes to respond to very bad comments made about the President and black people in general on Gretawire. Now, I do not agree with the way he /she comes accross. You don't put ou fire with fire.

HE BRINGS IT UP....every time he blogs. I paid attention. He is the instigator. Always. Make no mistake about it. He jacks names and he posts under different names to hide his aggression. I caught him at it....every time I blogged.

People will be blogging about any other subject under the sun, Funky shows up, and race-baits.

It is him. Every time.

I sometimes just read blogs...and don't post....just observe. Any time race comes up, Funky is there, CAUSING it.

Are you telling absolutely no one on Gretawire ever made racist comments? Someone named Rachel MD does it all the time, BeverlyD does it all the time, Anna, Flying bird, Gator Bob. I could go on and on with names I have seen making very incediary comments on Gretawire but people always applaud them. I am sure Did doesn't jack them all the time.

I never saw it start until Kid showed up.......he thrives on race baiting.

I'm not going to sit here in lie and tell you and say no.. Most of the time its responding to others that are race baiting and they fell right into the baiters trap. Then the baiter takes it and posts it someplace else. (They may even take what is typed and rearrange the words to make it look like a total racists comment that may not have been really typed by that person)(don't know on this last part, just a thought)

When Kid responds he's taken something they post about the Pres's policies that people don't like and tells them well thats racists. That is probably 90% of the time. Just because people don't like policies of this administration doesn't make them racists.

I didn't like some of the policies of the last administration, would that make me a bigot? it could be, according to how kid interpretates it.

Example of how this gets shot out of cannon(and can be used on your other thread regarding journalism): I'm sure you've heard the news about Rush Limbaugh this past week. I've read the MSM websites (cnn/msnbc/etc), and what they reported was only have truth, because I was watching/listening to the program he was on at the time he said it (can't remember if it was on tv or his radio program). He specifically said that he wanted Obama to succeed, but he wanted his any socialists policies to fail. But the MSM reported that Rush said he wanted Obama to fail. 

That is just an example of how things can be taken and misrepresented to fit an "agenda".


This morning I saw someone use the word (and I hate repeating it) Negro. When I saw it, I posted a comment to not use the N word and that it was totally un-called for. I didn't see it again in any reposts.

Kid could have done the same thing i did and people would respect it and him, but he and others take the hatred 100% over the top and people lose respect on how they responded.

If we just called the person on it and say hey I take offense to what you said and please stop it. I'm sure they would.





Ok Helen. You are in denial.


I see what you and your "friends" are doing here. Make no mistake about it.

Keep it up, and you will all be blocked.

Helen really who cares. If I am not with you, i am against you? You can't even take a good discussion. If I persist, you may forget that you are not on gretawire and drop a bomb on me. I could care less if you block me. What sense would it make if you are blogging and everyone agrees with you?

That's a really good point! What sense would it make?

I used to post on Greta Wire a ways back, and yes there were people that used racist and other bigotry words in their post.  I was one of the few liberals that posted on Greta's Blog.  As you can imagine, I didn't get a warm reception from some of the posters.  However, there were good people on Greta Wire that did respect my opinion even though it was the total opposite of theirs.

I don't condone racism or other forms of bigotry in the least.  However, I can't say Greta Wire is a racist blog.  I would have to say the moderation on that blog is pretty non-existant.  That is the major problem they have going on, and Greta could appoint volunteer moderators (I know there would be people who would do this for Greta), but yes unfortunately anyone can post whatever vile things they want to (That goes for Republicans and Democrats). 

I believe in the 1st amendment, but hate speech does not have to be tolerated in the least.  The owner of the blog has the write to make the rules and can ban whoever they want.  I was watching the factor a while back, and I saw Billo going off on how the Huffington Post and Daily Kos allows the people to post such vile and hateful garbage.  Maybe Billo should take a trip to Greta Wire.

Therefore, I would recommend Greta to get better moderation, otherwise she might just have to close up shop.  Even if she doesn't have the time and effort, she can find willing participants to moderate her blog.  Let me make it clear, racist remarks and hate speech should not be tolerated!  That's my take on this issue....

Unfortunately, Dude, there are those who don't want to debate issues....they want to turn EVERY subject , to race-baiting. You're a reasonable, nice person. And it has nothing to do with your race. And THAT is the way it should be.

With the volume of bloggers on GW...there's no way it can be policed, except by the other bloggers.

oh wow, lemme guess you're the self-proclaimed blogger police for blogster?

Me...personally...of course I am...when it concerns race-baiting. I would hope that YOU TOO had the character to stand against it.

that's funny, all your buddies, constantly say racist things against obama...so why are you patroling them?

I do not know who she is but I was wondering why everyone calls Obama our first black President when in fact he is not?  He is out first mixed race president.

Tell me, since when "mixed people" we called mixed race people? I have many cousins that are mixed, some grow up in Ohio and people always call the Black. As a matter of fact, Obama calls himself African American, it's a good enough reason to say that he is Black.

My granddaughter is Half white, 1/4 Hispanic, 1/4 Black.

Oh.........Is Obama REALLY from Africa?

Because to be politically correct...then I must be a "German-Norwegian- Scotch-Irish-English-French-American, right"? And her grandfather added Polish into the politically/correct mix.

And my Granddaughter is all of THAT, plus Hispanic and black......

So it makes her Black?

That simply DOESN'T compute....not by the math rules I learned.

What is it...some kind of new math.....

and by the way.....My Grandaughter is simply an AMERICAN!


Because if he was around during slavery, he'd been in the fields picking cotton too! Or maybe if he was the Massa's son he be closer to the house planting vegetables or something. Basically, you can try claim both parts of your race, but when people look at you if your skin is brown, all they see is another black face. I'm not trying to be hard, or insensitive. But we have to "tell it like it is"

Helen, your granddaughter is whatever her color says she is if you wanna cut to the chase. If she looks like a negro, people are going to call her a negro plain and simple. She could go on and on about all the different stuff she's mixed with and it won't even matter to someone who hates anyone who's not their color. Open your eyes. But you would have no idea, about the struggle of a black man or woman, unless it's YOU being oppressed.

Actually mixed is exactly what I call mixed people. I get so sick and tired of hearing "our first black president" he is not, he is half white.

Guess what?  Slavery is over, obviously. No when I see a mixed person I see a mixed person.  I live in Georgia there are quite a few.

Slavery as like it was in the past is over yes, but we're constantly under new forms of slavery and it is not over, just not as open. When a negro is considered to be 3/5ths of a man, and technically not considered to be an American citizen, and when this country has to vote every so many years so that a negro can even vote, to me that's slavery. You can call it what you want, but I don't call that freedom. 

I would like to know and a source citing that a black person is 3/5 of a man?


When were black people denied the vote? 

Wow, hollywould, please do some research. I'd tell you but somethings you just have to see for yourself. It's really unbelievable when you start peeling away layers and cover ups. Go to the library, read the constitution search online. You'll be surprised at what you find.

Looks like you have struck a few cords here..LOL.

Alternet had a great post on how Fox is using the Obamas to further their attacks on Black America that I think you might find interesting. I linked to it a few days ago in a post.

Its no secret at the republicans like to use fear and division to get support from their base. Their world view is all about that, and fear of other races is part of the theme. When they attacked ACRON without evidence of wrongdoing, that was why (they feared the votes they would bring in), its why they are all about immigration (rather deportation...), and it is why when the Repubs caused the housing crisis, they quickly tried to say it was those programs and those "minorities".

I think the anger and defensiveness of those who scream we are "race baiting" by simply pointing out the obvious speaks volumes on its own....

You know me well enough to know I do nto ever want to write the "race post" but I will if it comes to that. Obama is half white.  Thsi si my issue.  I get ill hearing about out first black President. That is my only ...dog......

Couldn't have said it better myself "progressive"

You are right, Obama is mixed, but in our society half and half is black. Maybe it shouldn't be that way, but it is.

Before you have an African American as your President, have you considered Alicia Keys (assuming you know who that is) mix or Black?

I know you are asking if you if I think Alica Keys is black or white.....yes? But you dsay before I have and african american as my president? Huh? I have do have an African American as my president, not a black man.

You make no sense. But that's the last time I reply to your senseless posts.

As a coclusion (I hope) I agree with everything that a blogger said on HuffPost:

Greta runs a very irresponsible blog. Free speech is one thing but to allow racist, hate-filled drivel to be posted is another. FOX News has been getting emails about the racist remarks they allow on their website but they will not address it nor will FOX News and/or Greta moderate GretaWire. Bill O'Reilly who rants non-stop about hate on the left blogosphere will not even bring up the hate and vileness allowed to be posted at FOX News by way of GretaWire. It speaks to the hypocrisy at FOX News and among its talking heads. Greta, FOX News and O'Reilly should be ashamed of their refusal to do the right thing with regards to hate speech (Cheesypoofs -  HuffPost)

"Before you have an African American as your President, have you considered Alicia Keys (assuming you know who that is) mix or Black?"


Did you read that? That was your reply and I was attempting to make sense of it.  I already have an African American president so how does before come into play? Please decipher your own comments, English , do you speak it?

Are you asking me if I speak English? You should read you own posts. My question was when you think about Alicia Keys race, what is the first thing that come to mind? A Black woman, A White woman or a "Mixed" woman? There is not a "mixed" box in any form you are filling out. From the slavery era, Mixed race people were always considered Black. BTW, I don't have to try to explain nothing to you. The President himself say he is Black. Deal with it.

Please do explain"Before you have an African American as your President, have you considered ...."Before I have what? He is the president or have you not noticed. She is mixed.

Perhaps you should be fighting to get the boxes changed.

I do not have to deal with anything and believe me I need you to explain nothing to me.  I think I already said that all people lie especially when trying to get elected.

You do not just get to pick and choose. 

Again, you make absolutely no sense.

Reading comprehension rocks!

You should definitely get some comprehension. You need it!

cinn, you should just let it go. you won't get anywhere. people who don't take the time to find out anything concerning the'yre history but get into discussions as if they know everything are not worth going back and forth with.

I think Greta jsut posted that to see how many followers would be upset.Surely,as  I've said on GW,she could afford someone to maintain the blog for her....I happen to agree with you on the topic of her political afiliation(sp?) A democrate on CNN,,,a Repubican on Fox?Strange to me she can't decide,or doesn't it matter to her?Who knows!Take care

Greta is no Republican... She is a member of the Green Movement, Clinton's Global Initiative and a host of other things... Nope, she's no conservative.

GRATEwire.com is VERY VERY SIMILIAR to the old GW forum.


Not like this long blog thing - GRATEwire is a FORUM page with a whole page of THREADS we THE PEOPLE decide what to type into them.  We decide which thread to post on.   It is great but it just opened.  GG and Samual signed up.  EVERYONE head to GRATEwire.com



Please let GG know that Cowboy said howdy...

and that I'm over here if she ever wants to talk... I'm never going back to GW... to many trolls...

This thread is old I just realized... Why dredge this crap up...


I'm watching Greta now wondering why all week she doesn't mention the SC Tragedy??

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