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Added: Tuesday, August 13th 2019 at 7:01am by chuckman

John Chuckman




“Epstein jail death: One of people watching disgraced financier not a proper prison guard, says report”


I think Jeffrey Epstein’s death tells us better than many events we’ve seen - and we have indeed seen many - just how utterly corrupt the American establishment is.

It’s of the nature of, but even goes beyond, such known matters as Hillary Clinton’s stealing the 2016 Democratic Party nomination or the murder of young Party worker, Seth Rich, a crime never even adequately investigated by authorities.

Likely the highest-valued prisoner in America manages to be killed inside a secure federal prison.

As one sharp comment said, the case resembles Lee Oswald’s getting shot by Jack Ruby.

Yes, it does.

Ruby – a small-time violent hoodlum-enforcer, originally from Chicago, and someone identified by witnesses both as being seen with Oswald before the assassination and as stalking him at police gatherings during the brief period between his arrest and murder – managed to kill Oswald, certainly the most important prisoner in the America of his day, right in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters.

And look at how that killing was never adequately explained, just as the President’s assassination was never adequately explained.

As Lord Acton long ago so accurately observed, absolute corruption follows from absolute power, and I think we can agree that in a number of spheres America’s power establishment today wields close to absolute power.

Look at its bloody, bloody record abroad. In a dozen lands. Why would anyone think it should somehow be different at home, especially where the establishment’s very authority is threatened?

I don’t believe for a moment Epstein committed suicide. As one comment accurately stated, even the bed sheets in that prison are made of special paper. Hanging yourself is impossible.

Anyway, the man’s entire personality speaks against the idea of suicide. Although the mainline press keeps telling us about how people accused of such matters as pedophilia do commit suicide, I seriously doubt that Epstein thought of himself as a pedophile for even a moment.

This is not some twisted little man with a dirty secret he can share with no one.

He was not alone in his activity, ever. He always had people around him, and notably Ghislaine Maxwell, supporting him, actively assisting him, providing kind of a demi-monde family which could only validate what he did. No one he knew would ever use that term “pedophilia.”

And then there were all those famous people who shared his passion. Do you think the likes of Bill Clinton or Britain’s Prince Andrew or Alan Dershowitz or, as heavily rumored, Tony Blair, or, as I much regret to learn, George Mitchell, ever used the term “pedophile” about themselves or those they socialized with?

No, of course not, so Epstein, quite apart from his own extremely positive ego, was literally inoculated against the kind of psychology some in the mainline press unthinkingly try to pass off on us.

And all this is all even truer if he was in fact, as has been forcefully and knowledgeably suggested, working for a state security service in a honey-trap, sexual-compromise operation to secure future influence over notable people, something giving his work the highest imprimatur of official support and approval, even a sense of distinguished service.

We have an interesting new article from the New York Times by James B Stewart concerning his own ninety-minute meeting, of about a year ago, with Epstein.

He had asked Epstein for an interview because he heard Epstein was working with Tesla on financial matters. Well, Epstein stayed clear of that topic. And, as it turned out, much of what Epstein talked about proved rather vague and unspecific. To my mind, that tended to support questions about Epstein being a genuine financier type.

But he was sure ready to brag about how many celebrities he knew and how much he knew about their sex lives and drug habits.

A couple of new names came up, Saudi Arabia’s bloody Crown Prince, who apparently made many visits to Epstein just as Bill Clinton did, and Woody Allen.

Epstein proudly spoke about having sex with young girls, saying it had been a common practice in history. He saw it as being no more wrong than homosexuality, something which was also illegal in many parts of the world. Again, then, the notion of a pedophile’s suicide-prone psychology, being peddled by some of the mainstream press, is just false.

Epstein gave Stewart the impression of an energetic, rather charismatic person. Epstein enjoyed his notoriety, saying that while it made him taboo in some circles, it encouraged the people he socialized with to confide in him, feeling their own sins and secrets were rather small compared to what Epstein was noted for.

I’ve taken an interest in the story and made a number of observations, and likely will continue doing so. Readers may enjoy:






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