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Added: Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 at 2:31am by chuckman

John Chuckman







“Yes, Ukraine Meddled in the 2016 US Election

“Not only did it happen, it was written up as fact by establishment papers and outlets as varied as Yahoo, Politico and The Financial Times…”

"...three years later, this episode has been wiped from the collective memory of our media and political establishment."




But everything important in the United States is treated that way now. Everything.


America has conducted more than 15 years of aggressive war in the Middle East, and you'd be hard put to find a single honest article about any of it in a mainline American publication.


America just conducted a coup against an elected government in Bolivia, attempted another, again against an elected government, in Venezuela, and is heavily pressuring the governments of Cuba and Nicaragua. What you see in America's mainline press is not what has happened.


And the nasty new Bolsonaro government in Brazil definitely represents fiddling with that country's institutions, including its courts, but you won't read that in America's press.


Children are being hurt by lack of medicines and foodstuff in Iran, a country which has done absolutely nothing illegal, yet that land of eighty million is just ignored, except for unwarranted insults. Never once are any of its leaders – including some highly intelligent and civil men like the President and the Foreign Minister – interviewed or allowed to make their case.


A creepy outfit like the White Helmets in Syria receives nothing but praise in America's press, even though its main job has been to create pressure for increased bombing.


America’s huge fleet of drones, each carrying a Hellfire missile, works day and night to kill people in many places without the least pretence of legality or justice. Try finding the victims’ faces in the press. Try finding stories about the bizarre buzz-cut CIA workers who sit at computer screens playing electronic games with live human beings.


Doing that would represent a bit of what Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange did, and just look at their fates.


If it weren't for alternative and foreign press on the Internet, we'd know little about any of these things and still far more. But even those sources are limited. All the Western European mainline press is under the same thumb. The Guardian or the BBC read just  as though they were written in Langley Virginia when it comes to such matters.


Russian sources are constantly attacked and vilified and threatened. Outfits like Google, Washington’s willing helpers, now make it hard even to find legitimate alternative news sources. And what those sources write gets buried in search results. Wikipedia has armies of folks writing articles now in the same vein as those of the mainline press.


The United States literally does not make any sense anymore. Contradictions all the time. No logic, no honest words ever come from officials or the press about any important matter.


That is the just the nature of being at the center of a brutal empire, one engaged in countless dark and dishonest activities, not ready to be observed, and certainly not criticized, in any of them.


Correcting the record is almost pointless anymore. As is speaking the truth on almost any important matter.


Look at Tulsi Gabbard and how she is treated by the establishment, including that of her own party.


She's the only Democratic candidate even saying a few honest things, and she is abused or ignored or brushed aside.


Those who speak to establishment interests are given daily headline coverage, as Biden or Warren, even though they have nothing to say that is new or helpful or even honest.


It really is a losing battle.


The Inner Party has a small army of Outer Party workers constantly writing and rewriting Oceania’s current events and recent history. Computers make the work easier and more efficient than ever.


I think the quality of truth in America today makes Donald Trump a perfect representative of the country. In many ways the perfect President. Full of contradictions and confusion, given to bellowing and virtually never telling the truth.



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